Royce' Limited Edition Green Tea Chocolates Back in Philippine Stores



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This July, Royce’ Chocolates, a leading Japanese chocolatier, opens its annual Green Tea Fair in the country. This event marks the return of its sought-after, limited edition maccha chocolates in Philippine stores.

According to Royce' Philippines General Manager Crystal Rebucas, "Maccha has exploded in popularity over the past few years, and we can see that Filipinos really have the appetite for sophisticated flavors like green tea. Since launching the Green Tea Festival here three years ago, our maccha products have garnered an avid following among customers, so we're very excited to once again be able to offer them this special treat."

Crafted with Care

Maccha is the product of a meticulous tea-making process which involves growing tea plants in the shade, whose leaves are then stone-ground into a fine powder. More than a mere beverage, green tea has been the centerpiece of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies since at least the 16th century.

Knowing the cultural and historical significance of this product, Royce’ observes the same reverence when crafting maccha into confections, using special techniques to infuse chocolates with the incomparable taste of green tea. The result is the signature silky texture of Royce’ chocolates mixed with the complex and earthy flavor of maccha.

The Green Tea Collection

One of the most famous Royce’ green tea products is Nama Chocolate Maccha, a soft confection made from fine chocolate and fresh cream, and covered in powdered green tea. Another favorite is the Maccha Chocolate Wafers which features a delicious maccha cream wafer sandwich coated with maccha chocolate.

For people looking for something with a richer flavor, Royce’ also has the Prafeuille Chocolate Maccha, a thin slice of maccha chocolate filled with green tea sauce. The Duo Praline Maccha, on the other hand, has thick maccha chocolate paste covered in milk chocolate. Lastly, the Maccha Almond Chocolate features whole roasted almonds covered in maccha chocolate for a crunchy twist.

The Green Tea Collection will be available until September 30 at Royce’ shops in Power Plant Mall, Greenbelt 5, Trinoma, Eastwood Mall, and The Podium. You may also follow Royce’ on Facebook (@RoyceChocolatesPH) and Instagram (@roycechocolateph) for more information about the limited edition maccha chocolates, including product photos.


Royce’ is a Hokkaido-based chocolatier that has crafted premium chocolates and desserts since 1983.  With five Royce’ branches in the Philippines and over 50 stores worldwide, Royce’ has played a crucial role in establishing Japan’s reputation as world-class chocolate maker.

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