An Electrifying Food Experience at Megawatt – Pizza. Chicken. Burrito. in Quezon City



Megawatt – Pizza. Chicken. Burrito. is a new Tex-Mex restaurant up north that serves all your favorite comfort food you can't dare to miss. It is an energy and power plant themed restaurant which came about after a visit to one of the power plant stations in the country where they saw cement-finished flooring, solar panels and bright yellow generators.

From cups to utensils, everything is made from recyclable materials since its owners wanted the restaurant to be an Eco-friendly dining place. What's interesting is that the restaurant is powered partially by the energy from the solar panels and diners can actually see how the panels create a renewable source of energy through sunlight. Best to bring kids so they would learn how it works!

We started off with the Nacho-Rizo (P158) which is one of the can't-miss dishes on their menu especially if you love seeing your fingers smothered with ooey gooey cheese. Here's another that kids and kids at heart will love -- Chick and Chips (3 pcs at P268; 6pcs at P499) are boneless and juicy chicken pieces that are packed with flavor. Believe it or not but the moment it arrived our table, we knew right away that it would be tasty.

Chick and Chips

Packing on protein? The Roast Beef Burrito (P245) is one of their best-sellers in their wide burrito lineup. Other flavors include Vegan Pesto (185), Breakfast Longganisa Burrito (P208), Pork Kimchi Burrito (P215), Szechuan Seafood Garlic (P235) and a glorious 29karat Surf & Turf Burrito which has edible Gold cream (P819).

Also, you can never go wrong with a well-seasoned burger! Am I right? Try the A.M.P (P255) aka the Angus Megawatt Patty & Hash Brown topped with Egg  which would amp up your tastebuds if you're big on burgers!

Roast Beef Burrito
A.M.P - Angus Megawatt Patty & Hash Brown topped with Egg

We also got to try two of their pizzas: the Bleu Chicken Roadhouse (P365) one of their original pizzas with a generous serving of boneless chicken coated with buffalo sauce, mushrooms and a good drizzle of gorgonzola cheese. A dish that stood out (and our favorite) is the Cheese, Cheese, Cheese (P315) which has a crisp crust with every bite and has a total of five cheeses: feta, sharp, cheddar, gruyere, parmagiano and mozarella.

Bleu Chicken Roadhouse
Cheese, Cheese, Cheese

For dessert, we got to munch on their Electrified Snickers (P138), bite-sized pieces of the famous chocolate bar wrapped in egg wrapper and deep fried. Other dishes we can't wait to feast on on our next visit are the Fried Lasagna (P178) which just by the sound of it, tastes sinfully good and the Megawatt Ultra Premium Pizza (P895) -- imagine their Cheese, Cheese, Cheese pizza topped with foie gras and truffle extract. Definitely a trip up north that's worth every calorie!

Electrified Snickers

Apart from having a uniquely themed restaurant, diners can also feast their eyes on the wide array of limited edition toys and memorabilia that is showcased in the dining area and some of it is actually for sale.


Megawatt – Pizza. Chicken. Burrito. is located at 41-A N. Domingo corner Gilmore Valencia Quezon City near Robinsons Magnolia. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram to stay updated. 


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