Back to the Beginning - Wee Nam Kee Celebrates 5th Year with Fresh Designs and Dishes

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Cereal Prawns, Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice, Roasted Chicken Rice, BBQ Pork Asado, Steamed Chicken Rice and Sambal Kang Kong

Wee Nam Kee has consistently delighted Filipino food lovers with its wide range of beloved Singaporean dishes. To mark its 5th year in the Philippine food industry, Wee Nam Kee goes back to its roots, coming up with a unique take on a traditional favorite and a more modern look for its flagship and original store at the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

5 years down the road

Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice, which was established in the Philippines in 2010 by Weiser Co and Linfred Yap, introduced Hainanese chicken rice to the Filipino palate, along with signature Wee Nam Kee favorites such as Cereal Prawns, Sambal Kangkong, and the Sizzling Singaporean-style Hotplate Tofu.

“It has always been my dream to bring Wee Nam Kee to the Philippines,” says Managing Partner Linfred Yap. “I first tried it when I was still working in Singapore. I instantly fell in love with the food and I knew the concept had the potential to really succeed back home.”

Yap’s perseverance and love for Wee Nam Kee paid off when owner Wee Liang Lian finally gave its approval to make the Philippines its first international location. The first Wee Nam Kee in the Philippines, located in the heart of the Makati central business district, opened its doors on November 15, 2010. Though the restaurant is known as a hole-in-the-wall dining spot in Singapore, the team decided to make it to a full scale sit-down restaurant in Manila, with beautiful oriental-style interiors. The reception was astounding, with queues snaking out the door.

Spurred on by its resounding success, the restaurant has gone on to open several other branches over the years. At present, Wee Nam Kee has 6 locations: Ayala Triangle Gardens, Serendra, Alabang Town Center, TriNoma, Greenhills Promenade, and Fairview Terraces.

A fresh, new beginning—fit for the times

After 5 successful years in the country, Wee Nam Kee celebrates its anniversary by giving its original Philippine branch a new look. “When we brought Wee Nam Kee in the Philippines 5 years ago, we decided to give it a more updated look and feel than its original Singapore location. On our 5th anniversary, we decided to give our flagship store a face lift—giving it a modern, younger feel, but still in the same oriental style that our loyal customers love,” Yap says. Every detail is intended to elevate the overall Wee Nam Kee experience—from the food and the service to the ambiance.

New flavors take center stage as well, making the 5th year of Wee Nam Kee in the country even more celebratory. The newest addition to the Hainanese Chicken family is the Soy Chicken. Picture this: fresh, premium chicken marinated and cooked using a secret recipe that has been perfected over the years. It is finished off with a generous serving of a special homemade sauce and served on a bed of fresh cucumber slices. It’s a new take on everyone’s beloved Hainanese Chicken that will surely make every meal at Wee Nam Kee even more memorable.

“The play of flavors on this dish is very interesting—it’s subtly sweet but savory at the same time, and the fresh cucumber slices add a refreshing crunch. It’s a new flavor that builds on the original Hainanese Chicken recipe, and is sure to be a new favorite at Wee Nam Kee,” Yap adds.

After 5 years of providing an authentic Hainanese Chicken dining experience, Wee Nam Kee continues to bring the delicious flavors of Singapore to the table. Celebrate with Wee Nam Kee and share your most memorable #weenamkeeph experience. Visit the official Facebook and Instagram account, @WeeNamKeePh for more the latest news and updates.

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Wee Nam Kee

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