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Embark on an Artistic Journey: Arvin Narvaez’s Enthralling ‘Continuum’ at ARTablado, Unveiled

Exploring 'Continuum': Arvin Narvaez's Minimalist Transformation at ARTablado SEO Meta Description: Embark on a creative journey with Arvin Narvaez's "Continuum", a minimalist art exhibit at ARTablado, Robinsons Galleria. Discover his exploration into new artistic territories through abstract art and engage in a conversation with his evocative pieces.

There’s a moment of pause when you ask artist Arvin Narvaez to pin a label on his artwork. An expected, yet revealing pause.

Narvaez explains that he’s perpetually in a state of exploration, making it impossible to categorize his work neatly. “I am trying to explore and learn further by being more aware through the process of creating, hoping to arrive and discover uncharted grounds,” he shares.

Navigating Uncharted Creativity

Having made a name for himself with his intricate ink-and-pencil creations, brimming with linear formations, depth, and illusion, Narvaez has boldly moved to abstracts in acrylic. His reason? A compelling restlessness and visual curiosity.

“I was breaking the notion that artists are encouraged to repeat and are discouraged to explore. And art for me is about discovering and arriving at a certain visual representation, a continuous evolution of processes, as well as learning and developing ideas which then lead to a cycle of change — yet still encapsulate the very nature of being human,” he muses.

Continuum: An Artistic Journey

Robinsons Land ARTablado now presents “Continuum,” Narvaez’s latest exhibit, on display until June 30 at the ARTablado space in Robinsons Galleria. The showcased pieces narrate the artist’s ongoing quest and raise intriguing questions.


“In the first years of creating and with a powerful creative drive, it often led to wanting to explore further. I started with what was there and then the journey unfolded. It was a natural process when discovering other materials that imply the other aspects of a visual language, which I was trying to express, communicate, and arrive at. It is still an ongoing process,” he explains.

Aesthetic Influences

Influenced by artistic giants like De Stijl, Jaap Wagemaker, Mark Rothko, Jose Joya, and Gus Albor, Narvaez’s goal is to “break the fear of stepping into unfamiliar grounds, to further seek, and to give meaning with this life, with what I do — with the acceptance of belief and discarding of doubts.”

His journey of exploration and experimentation eventually birthed minimalist pieces. Narvaez offers an insight into his choice of the word “continuum” for his exhibit.

“(The suite of paintings is) a mix of visual representations from recent styles, a merging of approaches leading to minimalist pieces. They directly represent the time frame and stories of the works. They deal with the realizations and learning that went throughout the entire process of creating the series,” he reveals.

ARTablado: Fostering Artistic Expression

Galleries often encourage artists to stick to a defined style, but Robinsons Land ARTablado breaks this mold by providing fertile ground for artistic exploration. The team behind Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC) firmly believes in the inventive genius of Filipino artists. They’ve dedicated spaces in Robinsons Galleria and Robinsons Antipolo for exhibits, giving deserving art practitioners a platform to share their vision, talent, and explorative spirit.

ARTablado has been a welcome change for members of the art community, offering a platform where artists, regardless of their stage in their career, are welcome.

A Serendipitous Encounter

When offered a space by ARTablado, Narvaez was taken by surprise. Unbeknownst to him, he had been speaking with Roseann Villegas, a key driver behind ARTablado’s art initiative.

For the artist, it was a case of “what you seek is actually seeking you.” He adds, “This saying truly works in such mysterious and wonderful ways.”

Visitors to Arvin Narvaez’s “Continuum” will swiftly discover the myriad of emotions that can be stirred by mixed media gestures on canvas—as horizons of vision and consciousness take form.

So why not immerse yourself in the journey of Narvaez’s art exploration and lose yourself in the minimalist wonder that is “Continuum”? You may just find your own horizons broadening as well, as you absorb the raw emotions and deep introspections captured in each piece.

Exploring Emotions, Sparking Conversation

Through the artist’s powerful work, viewers are invited to question, feel, and connect. Each piece is a conversation, a compelling story that unravels with every gaze. Narvaez’s art is not only an exploration of his own artistic journey but a catalyst for viewers to explore their own emotions and thoughts.

For those unfamiliar with the language of abstract art, fear not. Narvaez’s pieces, in their simplicity and depth, make for an accessible entry point. With each piece, he strips away complexity, distilling emotions into raw, visceral forms.

Art, in its many forms, allows us to explore our understanding of the world around us. It is a mirror that reflects not only the artist’s thoughts and feelings but also our own interpretations and emotional responses. With his latest exhibition, Narvaez invites us all to step into his world, to explore the boundaries of our own understanding and to engage in a conversation with his art.

“Continuum” is on display until June 30 at the ARTablado space in Robinsons Galleria. Take this opportunity to engage with Narvaez’s thought-provoking pieces and perhaps, discover a new language of emotion and exploration.

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