IN PHOTOS: ‘Bai Bai, Bukid’ An Exhibit of Intricate Mosaic Art Pieces

Negrense Volunteers for Change Foundation is set to exhibit the mosaic pieces that combine the skillful use of Nespresso capsules, glass chips, eggshells, and ceramic tiles!

A relatively young province-based non-profit organization that has touched lives in 39 provinces across the Philippine archipelago will showcase its story in a unique exhibit cum bazaar of art pieces and crafts from its Artisans Of Hope livelihood workshop. 

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Negrense Volunteers for Change (NVC) Foundation, Inc, will exhibit mosaic art pieces which combine a skillful use of discarded Nespresso capsules, glass chips, eggshells and ceramic tiles in various themes along with table top items which range from Christmas birds, napkin rings, statuettes and religious items all showcasing the artisans’ mastery of the mosaic craft in its most intricate form.  A recent hit from their workshop, which will also be available in the show, will be earrings fashioned from Nespresso capsules.

Napkin Ring Holder Bird Blue & White
Abel Weave Blue and White Hexagon Tray



While the products are an output of its livelihood project, the show’s proceeds benefit entirely NVC’s nutrition program which is a daily, six-month feeding protocol, mostly for infants and toddlers using Mingo, an instant nutritious and natural complementary food. NVC manufactures Mingo in their government certified production plant which sources its ingredients from local farmers.  Because of its convenience and nutritional value, Mingo has also gained popularity in emergency relief operations.  To date, NVC has served Mingo more than 8,500,000 times through its nutrition program, as well as emergency relief activities in areas like those hit by Typhoon Yolanda and in war torn Marawi.

Fruit Harvest
Hanapbuhay sa Carnabal

In addition to its Nutrition Program, NVC has also built over 200 classrooms, distributed more than 7,000 backpacks filled with school supplies, endorsed over 4,900 motorized fishing boats to fishermen who lost their own to natural disasters or to fishermen’s helpers who had none of their own.  It has also provided an assortment of other livelihood support like sewing machines, carpentry and welding tools, and tricycles and pedicabs. 

Named “Bai Bai, Bukid” which means the sea and the mountains in the native Hiligaynon dialect, the show runs from October 22 to 24 at 11 Palm Avenue, Dasmarinas Village, Makati City.

Negrense Volunteers for Change (NVC) Foundation, Inc., was established nine years ago by a group of enlightened citizens from Negros Occidental who initially felt that all they wanted to perform were little acts of good in their own communities.  However, through a strong sense of mission and grit and with much support from individuals, companies and corporate foundations have allowed it to expand beyond the original intention of the founders to merely serve their neighborhood.

NVC will recognize some of its major Manila-based 2019 partners in a simple ceremony on the first day of its show.  Among these are Sunlife Foundation,  Food Nutrition and Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology, the Spouses of Heads of Mission, Rise Against Hunger – Philippines, Vena Energy and more.

For more information, you can check out the NVC Foundation website, and visit the page for their complete product catalogue.


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