Pridyider (2012) Horror

Critics Rating
3.5 stars 3.5 stars | Read Critic's Review
User Rating
5 stars 5.0/5 stars (1 vote) | User review
A balikbayan is terrorized by a haunted, man-eating antique refrigerator. When all efforts to remove the refrigerator fail, she is forced to dig into her own forgotten past to find a solution.

Main Cast: Andi Eigenmann, JM de Guzman, Baron Geisler, Janice de Belen, Venus Raj

Director: Rico Maria Ilarde

MTRCB Rating: PG

Released By: Regal Films

Running Time: 1 hr 30 ms


  • Andi Eigenmann
  • JM de Guzman
  • Baron Geisler
  • Janice de Belen
  • Venus Raj
  • Joel Torre
  • Ronnie Lazaro
  • Bekimon

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