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Tuesday, Sep 23, 2014 4:15 AM in the Philippines.

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Non-Techie's Guide to iOS 8 Here's a simple guide on how to update to the new OS and what new features you'll be enjoying.

Movie Review for The Babadook

in Movies

'The Babadook' is a Thoroughly Rewarding Horror Experience Unlike most modern horror films, 'The Babadook' takes the time to build a sturdy narrative base and a genuinely spooky mood. What it lacks in flashy tricks and startling scares, it more than compensates through skillful storytelling and bravura filmmaking.

in Food & Drink

Now Open: The Farm Organics Resto in BGC The restaurant down south, popular for its steaks and burgers using certified organic beef, opens its second outlet in Taguig. Have you tried their healthy, meaty eats?

Movie Review for The Maze Runner

in Movies

'The Maze Runner' is About the Journey, Not the Destination The film is solidly entertaining for a good chunk of its runtime, but the appeal wears down as the film goes beyond the walls of the maze, largely abandoning the responsibilities of good storytelling for the sake of a series of revelations that do little to elucidate on the plight of the main characters.

in Food & Drink

Food Diaries: Matt Basile, The Rebel Without A Kitchen Toronto's food truck and street food pop-up king was recently in town to showcase his cooking and to promote his AFC show, 'Rebel Without a Kitchen.' Learn more about the rebel chef in this interview, and try making his signature dessert at home as he shares his 'Elvis in a Jar' recipe.

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