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Review: Red Turnip's “Time Stands Still” Time Stands Still is a powerful drama about the struggles of making a relationship work. It shows just how much pain and scars are involved when two people try to come to terms with their past and align their future goals in order to make a life together.

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Comet: A Cosmic Valentine Love Story This month of February, Solar Pictures brings you an original modern love story that mixes the charm and wit of ‘Before Sunrise’ and ‘High Fidelity’ with the passion, beauty and heartbreak of ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ and ‘Garden State.’

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“Twilight Series’” heartthrob hero Taylor Lautner stars in the upcoming action thriller “Tracers” in the midst of parkour’s dangerous backdrop. Watch the trailer here at ClickTheCity.

Movie Review for Birdman

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‘Birdman’ Delivers Craft Worth Seeking Out It creates a claustrophobic environment that gives life to the many conversations that ensue in the film, the technique suggesting a continuity of emotion that leaves no boundaries between the personal and the artistic.

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Be ready for what’s coming this 2015 – from 20th Century Fox comes “Fantastic Four”. Watch the teaser trailer here at ClickTheCity.

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