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INTERVIEW: Maureen Wroblewitz on her ASUS notebook, her current favorites and more!

We had the chance to sit down with AsNTM's Maureen Wroblewitz before she leaves for London to work with Star Management.

Upon winning Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5 and being the first Filipina to get the title, it's no secret that 20-year-old Maureen Wroblewitz has gotten a slew of endorsments here and there. 

Just a few months after she was announced as ASUS' ambassador for its notebook line, we had the chance to sit down with Maureen Wroblewitz before she leaves for London to work with Star Management – one of the prizes she received when she won the competition. 

Maureen Wroblewitz Asia's Next Top Model ASUS Zenbook Flip S

Question: Being the ambassador of the ASUS notebook, what are the three things you look for in a laptop?

Maureen Wroblewitz: Well for me, it has to be light since I'm always on the go so it has to be easy to carry with me. Then I look for a stylish one so I can pair it with my outfit of the day and, of course, it has to be high performance for it to be durable and it will last long. 

Can you tell us about the ASUS notebook you have?


Maureen Wroblewitz: I have the ASUS Zenbook Flip S right now and I'm just very happy with it especially when I use it for movies, I flip it and just have the screen and don't have the keyboard so I feel like it's practical and super light so I just bring it anywhere.

What's keeping you busy these days?

Maureen Wroblewitz: Well, I have upcoming endorsements, some shoots, events and I'll be leaving for London by the end of the month so I'm just preparing myself since I'll be staying there for three months. 

Besides London, do you have any travel plans soon?

Maureen: I think I'm gonna stay in Europe for a bit, maybe I'm gonna go back to Germany. I really want to go to Italy and just travel around Europe and then I also want to go to Miami, travel around the United States and maybe California as well. I really hope for that.

Maureen Wroblewitz Asia's Next Top Model ASUS Zenbook Flip S

Can you describe your typical day as a model?

Maureen: If I have a shoot, I wake up early in the morning, I just get ready and have some light breakfast. I usually get stuck in traffic somewhere *laughs* and once I get back home, I just try to relax and get all of my make up off because yeah, you have to take care of your skin especially as a model. And I just try to calm down and relax by watching some movies or something.

What are the five things you can't leave home without?

Maureen: I can't leave my phone then I'd have to bring my wallet of course, keys, makeup – just lip balm and concealer, and I always need my perfume.

What are you favorite TV shows?

Maureen: Recently, I've finished Altered Carbon on Netflix. Right when it was out, I was like, I have to watch this and it took me two days to watch the whole season. It's a really good show, I recommend it. Now, I'm watching Breaking Bad because I've always heard it's good.

Maureen Wroblewitz Asia's Next Top Model ASUS Zenbook Flip S

What's on your current playlist? What songs do you listen to to hype you up for a shoot?

Maureen: If it's for a shoot, my playlist is not good for that. My playlist is more of like indie alternative – The Japanese House, Mac Demarco. I like finding new bands and artists especially if they're not so known; it's like I discovered them or something. For shoots, I like listening to funky things – maybe 70's or 80's. I can't say any names but it's usually around that era. 

Any advice for those who want to break in to the industry?

Maureen: All I can say is that modeling isn't as easy as it seems; you have to be mentally and physically prepared. There will be negative people who are gonna be jealous of you or trying to bring you down so you have to prepare yourself for that. Just know that you have to focus on yourself, always be motivated and believe in yourself. Know that if it's really your dream, then fight for it. 

Maureen Wroblewitz Asia's Next Top Model ASUS Zenbook Flip S

You can find Maureen Wroblewitz on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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