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Kingdom: Ashin of the North

WATCH: Netflix Drops the Main Trailer for ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’

The new 'Kingdom' side episode premieres this July 23!

The premiere of Kingdom: Ashin of the North — the highly-anticipated Kingdom side episode — is just a few days from now and Netflix is getting everyone even more amped by releasing the main trailer to the upcoming title. The new trailer features Kim Sia and Jun Ji Hyun who play the young and the adult Ashin — a woman who’s out to take bloody revenge on those who attacked her village.

Check out the trailer below:

Kingdom: Ashin of the North traces the origins of the mysterious resurrection plant which caused the plague that hit Joseon in the events of Kingdom. One of the characters involved in this situation is Ashin, a woman from a foreign tribe who loses everything after her village is horrendously attacked. She then settles within the Kingdom of Joseon along with her father, and it’s there that they encounter a mysterious disease that sets Ashin down a path of betrayal and revenge.

The special episode comes from director Kim Seong Hun, with a screenplay by Kim Eun Hee. It stars Jun Ji Hyun a.k.a. Gianna jun as the adult Ashin, while Kim Sia plays her younger counterpart. Park Byung Eun also reprises his role in this special episode as Min Chi Rok, the head of the Royal Commandery Division in the time of Crown Prince Lee Chang.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North premieres on Netflix this July 23. While waiting for it, you can refresh your memory on the story by watching the first two seasons of Kingdom, both of which are streaming on Netflix.


WATCH: The New Teaser to ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North,’ Coming To Netflix This July 23

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