The Undertaker Makes Final Farewell at the WWE Survivor Series

The Undertaker will surely be remembered by WWE fans.

One of the most iconic WWE wrestlers, the Undertaker, has made his final ring walk at the WWE Survivor Series this Monday, Philippine time.

It was exactly 30 years ago when the Undertaker, or Mark Calaway in real life, made his on-screen debut at the same series. Ever since, the Undertaker has become one of the most popular names in the wrestling scene, with his black coat and hat, and his catchphrase “Rest in peace.”

This time, it was his own wrestling persona he puts to rest. “My time has come to let the Undertaker rest in peace,” said the retired wrestler during yesterday’s ceremony.

WWE also paid tribute to the Undertaker through a video where his fellow wrestlers gave remarks towards the Deadman. “Our lasting impression of the Undertaker, he’s our never-ending ass-kicking undead phenomenon,” said John Cena.

Meanwhile, fans bid their farewells to the Undertaker through the hashtags #ThankYouTaker and #FarewellTaker.

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Homestream image from WWE on Twitter.

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