WATCH: Princess Bubblegum and Marceline Return in ‘Adventure Time: Distant Lands’

The two are living peacefully together, when the Glass Kingdom suddenly calls for their help.

Adventure Time may have finished its tale two years ago but its characters remain to be loved. Such characters are Princess Bubblegum and the vampire Marceline, who have been shipped by many throughout the show. A ship that finally became canon when they kissed in the finale.

Now the two will return in the HBO Max special limited series Adventure Time: Distant Lands in the episode Obsidian. Check out its teaser trailer below:

“Marceline and Princess Bubblegum must face down demons from their past in order to defeat a reawakened enemy in the Glass Kingdom.” Says the synopsis for the upcoming special.

The first special that premiered last June was BMO which followed the lovable living console in his own space adventure. Adventure Time: Distant LandsObsidian is coming to HBO Max on November 19.

Adventure Time is an animated TV series created by Pendleton Ward. Earlier this year, Ward also helmed an animated series on Netflix titled The Midnight Gospel.

‘The Midnight Gospel’ on Netflix is a Psychedelic Cartoon-Podcast Hybrid

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