Lucifer Season 5 Trailer

WATCH: Lucifer Season 5 Trailer Doubles the Devil with a Twin

Watch the first trailer for Lucifer season 5!

Netflix has just revealed the first trailer for Lucifer season 5, and the devil is back from Hell… or is he?

The trailer begins with Chloe Decker trying to cope with the absence of Lucifer after the devil went back to Hell at the end of season 4. But when she gets into trouble, Lucifer comes back to the rescue. However, he’s acting strange.

Watch the trailer below:

As revealed in the trailer, the stranger who looks exactly like Lucifer turns out to be his twin brother, Michael.

“I’m not gonna break Lucifer’s life. I’m gonna take it,” he declares. Then the promo also teased the clash between the two identical brothers.

Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, and Aimee Garcia are just some of the stars reprising their roles in the fifth season which premieres August 21.

For the latest updates, check out Lucifer on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Stream the past seasons of the show here.

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TV Show Info

Crime, Drama, Fantasy
Produced by
Fox / Netflix
Tom Kapinos

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