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5 Reasons Why Netflix’s ‘Murder Mystery’ is a Must-Watch For Those Who Need a Good Laugh

Murder Mystery is an awesome whodunnit comedy and here are the 5 reasons why you should watch it! 

“With Jennifer, something great happens,” said Adam Sandler on the Ellen Show. The actor gushed about his costar Jennifer Aniston in their latest comedy movie on Netflix. In Murder Mystery, they play Nick and Audrey Spitz, a frazzled married couple going on a long overdue—15 years to be exact—European honeymoon. After a chance meeting with a suave viscount, they join him on the Super Yacht of elderly billionaire Malcolm Quince. Out on the open sea, someone murders Quince during an intimate family gathering. The prime suspects? The Spitzes. Check out the trailer below.

Murder Mystery is an awesome whodunnit comedy and here are the 5 reasons why you should watch it! 

1. This is Aniston and Sandler's first film together after 8 years. 

Adam Sandler is one of the most famous and successful comedians of all time. Jennifer Aniston is Hollywood’s golden girl born with natural comedic timing. Pairing up for the rom-com Just Go With It in 2011 was a genius idea. Starring together again for Murder Mystery is an eight-year-long treat worth the wait.

2. The film is shot in various IG-worthy locations in Europe.


Murder Mystery filmed in IG-worthy locations across Europe. Catch a glimpse of the dreamlike coastline of Malaga, Spain. Spot the winding roads of Monte Carlo, Monaco. Gape at a magnificent Italian villa at Lake Como, Italy. Watching the movie will inspire your #travelgoals.

Photo: Netflix

3. Murder Mystery features and showcases luxury fast rides. 

Awesome movies showcase fancy rides and big boats like nobody’s business. Basic couple the Spitzes fulfill their wildest dreams, riding on a SUPER yacht (It has its own helipad!), coming out of shiny black Rolls-Royces, and giving chase on a hot red Ferrari. There’s even a glimpse of the Orient Express, the luxury train that goes from London to Venice.

4. The supporting cast also stands out in the film. 

The supporting cast shines bright as the movie’s two leads. Luke Evans gives a fine performance as the handsome Charles Cavendish. Gemma Arterton plays the proud actress Grace Ballard. As Juan Carlos, Luis Gerardo Mendez is an “I go fast” Formula 1 driver who bumbles in English. Dany Boon’s Inspector Delacroix is a classic French copper. Jackie Sandler, Adam’s real-life wife, plays a stern stewardess. Together, the ensemble cast nails it!

Photo: Netflix

5. The film goes from funny to action-packed seamlessly. 

Director Kyle Newacheck deftly makes the scenes transition from funny to action. One minute you’re tearing up at Nick getting too giddy after meeting a famous actress. The next minute your heart rate jumps while watching a shooting scene. There’s also that golden moment when Nick and Audrey get on a red Ferrari and more fun follows. Comedy-action perfection!

You can now stream, download, and enjoy Murder Mystery anytime and anywhere here. 

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