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WATCH: The Trailer to Amazon Prime’s Fantasy Noir Drama ‘Carnival Row’

The upcoming web series stars Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne.

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne are pairing up in Amazon Prime's upcoming drama Carnival Row, which is set in a city that looks and feels like Victorian London. Before the drama premieres this August 30, the streaming platform dropped its trailer, giving the audience a glimpse of the world it will be exploring. 

Watch the trailer below: 

Carnival Row is a drama set in a Victorian fantasy world where mythological creatures live as refugees and are forbidden to live, love, or fly freely. While tension rises between the humans and the creatures, Rycroft "Philo" Philostrate, a detective investigating on the murders in the district, rekindles an affair with a faerie named Vignette Stonemoss, who has a dangerous secret to keep. 

Orlando Bloom stars as the detective Philo Philostrate, while Cara Delevingne plays the role of Vignette. They are joined by David Gyasi, Tamzin Merchant, Andrew Gower, Karlo Crome, and more.

Although the show still hasn't premiered yet, Amazon Prime has already announced that they have granted the show a season 2 to explore more about the world that they have created. 


Carnival Row, created by René Echevarria and Travis Beacham, premieres on Amazon Prime this August 30. 


Homestream image is a screenshot from the official trailer. 

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TV Info

Carnival Row
Produced by
Amazon Prime
René Echevarria, Travis Beacham

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