Debby Ryan, Dallas Roberts, and Gloria Diaz in Manila for Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’ 2

The queens of Netflix's Insatiable are finally in Manila! 

The queens of Netflix's Insatiable are finally in Manila! 

Just in time for the global premiere of the show's second season this October 11, lead stars Debby Ryan and Dallas Roberts flew all the way to Manila to meet their fans and have a conversation with the people from various media outlets! The stars were joined by our very own Gloria Diaz, who will be making a guest appearance on the show as Gloria Reyes, a diva beauty queen who will be teaching Patty the ropes on how to be a queen like here. 

During the show's In Conversation, Ryan, Roberts, and Diaz talked about Insatiable's upcoming second season, what it was like to work with each other, and what it really means for a queen to take charge. 

One of the things that Debby Ryan's Patty Bladell learned from the reigning queen, Gloria Reyes, is that queens should always take control. When asked what they think this phrase means, Dallas Roberts answered, "What it means to me, having a scene with these ladies on the show is, you know, Queens don't ask permission for control and Queens don't wait for control. Queens just take control. 

Ryan added that most of their crew, from the ones managing the show to the ones coordinating on the lights and the audio, are composed of women, displaying different types of strength that women have. "I think it's so encouraging, and the things that I've noticed in all these women, specifically working with Gloria in your formidable terrifying energy, that there it's not demanded, [but] it's commanded respect. It's walking in, knowing what you are owed," she said. 

Miss Philippines and Miss Universe Gloria Diaz also shared to the press how she got the role, telling the story of how she first received the invitation on Viber, and she thought that the message wasn't referring to her at first. 

She also shared that when she got the news, she first shared about it to her daughters and nieces, who all knew about the show. She said, "I asked the younger generation, of course. The older generation sort of didn't have an idea. Then I asked my designer, he knew it. So guess that's our market, right?" 

Insatiable comes back for season 2 on Netflix this October 11. You can stream the first season here

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