The Cast of ‘Stranger Things’ Gets Together for the Season 4 Table Read

"The real work begins!" Are you ready for season 4?

Weeks after the announcement of the upcoming return of a certain Stranger Things character (*coughs* HOPPER *coughs*), the cast of the show takes us behind-the-scenes to the show's season four table read in Atlanta! 

Check it out below: 

In true Stranger Things fashion, the cast members take turns in operating a film camera as they give us a glimpse of who will be coming back for Season 4. So far, we've seen the original cast members as well as those who we've only got to meet in the more recent seasons. 

Stranger Things premiered in July 2019, and takes the audience to 1985 Hawkins, when the Starcourt Mall was the new hotspot in town. After fighting the Mind Flayer, the audience is left on a cliffhanger with questions on whether Hopper was alive (HE IS!), or on what will happen to Mike and Eleven now that she has moved out of town with Joyce and Will. 

Guess we'll have to find out in Season 4, right? 

No date has been announced yet as to when Stranger Things 4 will launch on Netflix. For now, you could just rewatch the first three seasons here to make sure you're all caught up when it finally drops! 


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