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TMC is Big on Crime Action Movies and Bruce Lee’s Hits this November

On the first Wednesday and all Sundays of November, expect nothing less but explosive and gut-punching movie premieres on TMC, your ultimate channel destination for Tagalized movies.

On the first Wednesday and all Sundays of November, expect nothing less but explosive and gut-punching movie premieres on TMC, your ultimate channel destination for Tagalized movies.

The Accidental Detective will deliberately get you hyped up on November 2, Wednesday 6 PM.

Starring Kwon Sang-Woo (Stairway to Heaven, My Tutor Friend), this Hallyu Wave presentation tells the story of Dae-Man, an ordinary guy who happens to be fond of crime mysteries. He boldly shares to authorities his opinions in solving cases, earning the ire of Detective No who is newly demoted. When a mutual friend of theirs is arrested for murder, Dae-Man and No agree to help each other out in proving their friend’s innocence.

Reclaim will reveal the horrors of adoption scam on November 6, Sunday 6 PM.

Ryan Philippe and Rachel LeFevre play married couple Steven and Shannon who adopt a 7-year-old girl from Haiti. But even before they can go back home to America, their adopted daughter goes missing. John Cusack and Jacki Weaver play a pair of child traffickers who have orchestrated everything – from the child’s adoption to her kidnapping so they could keep the money. But while Steven and Shannon don’t give up in finding their daughter, the bad guys also don’t stop terrorizing them.


November Man is a highly-charged spy movie that pits Pierce Brosnan against Luke Bracey (The Best of Me) on November 13, Sunday 6 PM.

Veteran CIA officer Peter Devereaux (Pierce Brosnan) is called out of retirement to protect Alice Fournier (Olga Kurylenko), a witness who can tie high-ranking CIA officials and the Russian President-elect to grave crimes. But even the highly lethal Devereaux finds himself the target of a fierce sniper, David Mason (Luke Bracey), who happens to be a man he himself trained.

On November 20, Sunday 8 PM, Gangster Pay Day will show how an aging hoodlum struggles to lead an honest life in fast-changing Hong Kong.

Ghost (actor Anthony Wong of Beast Cops, Infernal Affairs, The Mission), a retired Triad boss, just wants to keep out of trouble by concentrating on his tea house, his first-ever legitimate business. But a rival from his past is forcing him out of business to make way for a shady real estate development in the vicinity. Hounded by threats, Ghost is looking into reuniting with his gang to help him in this fight.

A psychotic killer dressed in clown costume is on the loose in Kruel on November 27, Sunday 8 PM.

A young woman loses one of the boys she is babysitting and suspects the ice cream man to be the abductor. Together with her ex-boyfriend, she goes to the man’s house, but is powerless to keep herself from being a victim. Now she must muster all her courage and cleverness in order to escape.


On November 27 Sunday, TMC presents a marathon of Bruce Lee’s movies from 8 AM to 6 PM, in remembrance of the legendary martial artist on his would-be 76th birthday.

Commencing the special presentation is The Big Boss (8 AM), the film that made Bruce Lee famous across Asia. In this 1971 classic, Lee plays a man who never engages in violence because of a vow he made to his mother. But when his cousins are brutally murdered, he makes a new vow to avenge them.

In Fist of Fury (10 AM), Lee plays Chen Zhen, the protégé of a martial artist master who is believed to have died from an illness. When his memory is insulted by Japanese martial arts students, calling the Chinese “weaklings” in comparison to them, Chen readily defends their honor, especially when he discovers that there was foul play in the death of his master.

In the action comedy The Way of the Dragon (12 NN), Lee plays Tang, a martial artist asked to help protect a restaurant in Rome from gangsters. Tang finds himself pitted against Japanese and American karate experts. This record-breaking film was produced and directed by Bruce Lee himself.

Various stock footage of Bruce Lee are seen in his posthumous movies The Game of Death (2 PM) and Tower of Death (4 PM). The first film, which came out 5 years after Lee’s death, tells the story of a martial arts movie star named Billy Lo who is hunted down by a syndicate. He manages to fake his death and goes after his enemies. In the sequel released in 1981, Billy Lo meets his death and his brother Bobby must avenge him.

To enjoy your favorite movies dubbed in Tagalog, tune in to the first and only Tagalized Movie Channel in the country, TMC. Seen on Sky Cable channel 80.

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