Surprising Stories on TMC This February

Catch the big revelation in every movie that’s premiering this month on TMC.

Catch the big revelation in every movie that’s premiering this month on TMC.

On February 1, Wednesday, 6 PM, Hallyu Wave presents Musudan. A group of special forces are sent to the demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea to investigate on a series of death cases and missing people. First Lieutenant Sin Yoo-hwa and Captain Jo Jin-ho are convinced that the military of North Korea is involved, but what’s out there is more than what they are prepared to discover.

Beyond the Reach provides a heart-pounding experience as Jeremy Irvine runs for his life on February 5, Sunday, 6 PM. Irvine stars as Ben, a hunting guide who witnesses the death of an old man in the hands of John Madec, (Michael Douglas) a wealthy game hunter. In the middle of the scorching desert, Madec orders Ben to run, shirtless and barefooted, then makes him his shooting target. Now, a man desperate to survive can also raise some hell.

On February 12, Sunday, 8 PM A love story between two high school students unfolds in LDK, based on a bestselling manga in Japan of the same title. Transfer student Aoi and campus heartthrob Shusei are forced to live in one roof after Aoi has caused a fire accident that ruined Shusei’s apartment. Aoi soon develops feelings for Shusei, but her best friend is one of the many girls who are in love with him. Shusei begins to like Aoi as well, but something about his past is holding him back. This Tagalized version features the voices of Will Devaughn and Roxee B.

Gambit, a comedy about deception, premieres on February 19, Sunday, 6 PM. Harry Deane (Colin Firth) is an art curator who works for Lord Shahbander (Allan Richman). Tired of being bullied by Shahbander, Harry connives with PJ Puzowski (Cameron Diaz), a rodeo queen from Texas, to sell a fake Monet painting to Shahbander. However, Shabander is showing strong reservations about making this purchase, so Harry and PJ must double their efforts to make their plan work.

Enter a world of horror in Exeter on February 23, Thursday, 10 PM. From the same director of Friday the 13th and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, witness how a group of friends in their teens look for an adventure at an abandoned asylum known for the horrific treatment of its patients. The fun turns to terror when one of them gets possessed, and in an attempt to get rid of the demon, they summon a more violent spirit. If they uncover the asylum’s dark secrets, they might have a chance to make it out alive.

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