10 Workplace Sitcoms to Stream If You’re Missing the Office

On this list, we’ve rounded up such shows for your much-needed dose of workplace humor.

As adults, we spend most of our days at the workplace surrounded by colleagues we treat as a community or even family, while we do our part and stay productive. But then the pandemic happened and we found ourselves separated by a remote work setup. While working from home has its many advantages, part of us also miss the office, its convenience, and the people that breathe life into it.

If you’re still working at home and are missing the workplace setup, then maybe you need to binge a show that will give you some laughs while recreating that office atmosphere! On this list, we’ve rounded up such shows for your much-needed dose of workplace humor.

The Office

The American remake of The Office is deemed one of the best comedy shows out there and for good reason. The series is presented as a mockumentary featuring the day-to-day shenanigans of the office workers at a paper company. The team includes the likable Jim, the shy receptionist Pam, the competitive salesman Dwight, and their high-energy boss Michael Scott. Stream The Office on Amazon Prime Video.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s workplace is a precinct and it follows a team of cops, each with their own colorful personality. The series’ main characters include the talented but childish detective Jake Peralta, his loyal friend Charles Boyle, the competitive Amy Santiago, and the seemingly cold captain Ray Holt. Stream Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix.

The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd, as its title suggests, follows folks working in IT with the show poking fun at the knowledge gap between the IT crowd and people who can’t handle their computers. The show begins with Jen Barber who lied her way into being employed in the IT department of a business giant in London, despite knowing nothing about computers. She finds her office in the company building’s dingy basement, where she is joined by two socially-challenged computer “nerds” working as the company’s IT support. Stream The IT Crowd on Netflix.


Parks & Recreation

This series follows government employees at the Indiana Parks and Recreation department. The show mainly revolves around Leslie Knope, a mid-level bureaucrat who is trying to beautify her town by turning an abandoned construction site into a community park. But the simple mission is made complicated by her colleagues such as the selfish Tom Haverford and her anti-government bureaucrat boss Ron Swanson.


Scrubs is set in a hospital and follows a group of medical students in their internship. Most of the show is told through the unique point of view of the main character John Michael “J.D.” Dorian. Throughout the show, JD alongside his fellow interns Elliott Reid and Christopher Turk, as well as their colleagues at the Sacred Heart Hospital encounter challenging cases while navigating their relationships. Stream it on Amazon Prime Video.

2 Broke Girls

This show follows two broke girls Max and Caroline who are trying to find their ticket to success together. Max is a streetwise waitress working in a Brooklyn diner while Caroline used to be a rich girl who must now work as a waitress to make ends meet. When Max discovers that Caroline can bake delicious cupcakes, the two team up to kick off a cupcake business. Also part of the diner’s friendly faces are their boss Han Lee, the upbeat cook Oleg, and the old cashier Earl.

Abbott Elementary

Presented in a mockumentary format, Abbott Elementary follows the lives of teachers working in the underfunded, predominantly Black public school, Willard R. Abbott Elementary School. The staff includes second grade teacher Janine Teagues, history teacher Jacob Hill, substitute teacher Gregory Eddie, kindergarten’s Barbara Howard, and the tone-deaf school principal Ava Coleman.


Superstore follows the megastore Cloud 9 employees and their daily grind filled with annoying bargainers, riotous sales, and boring training sessions. Hardworking Cloud 9 employee Amy is trying to juggle her responsibilities alongside her clueless manager Glen, the tough assistant Dina, the new hire Jonah, the sarcastic Garrett, and the sweet Cheyenne. 

Mythic Quest

This series focuses on the office workers of the video game studio that produces the fictional MMORPG Mythic Quest. While building the fantasy world and sustaining the video game for the players seem quite the challenge, the minds behind Mythic Quest actually face bigger challenges within the office. The show’s roster of characters includes creator Ian Grimm, lead engineer Poppy Li, monetization head Brad Bakshi, and head writer C.W. Longbottom. Stream Mythic Quest on Apple TV+.

Space Force

Space Force is another series from the team-up of Steve Carell and writer Greg Daniels of The Office. In this Netflix sitcom, Carell plays General Mark Naird who was just tasked to helm the sixth branch of the US Armed Forces. As the head of the US Space Force, Naird must manage a chaotic team to bring the military to the moon by 2024. Stream Space Force on Netflix.

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