El Profesor and His Crew Take Over Buildings in the Philippines for the Final Season of Netflix ‘Money Heist’

The heist comes to an end this December. Be part of this momentous finale by visiting these ‘heisted’ buildings in the country or use the AR filter on Instagram.

Money Heist 5.2, the final act of the hit heist series from Spain, is dropping on Netflix today, December 3. With El Profesor captured, the gang trapped in the bank for over 100 hours, and their enemies closing in on them, the stakes couldn’t get any higher.

As we brace ourselves for the much-anticipated finale of the series, Netflix is also bringing the biggest heist on streaming TV closer to home by ‘heisting’ numerous buildings in the Philippines and creating massive remakes of some of the most iconic scenes from the show. Not only that, you can also experience mini-Money Heist scenarios at home through augmented reality!

Where to Catch the Money Heist Crew

El Profesor, Tokyo, Denver, and Nairobi will be around the country with Netflix’s PLAN PILIPINAS, and you can catch them just by visiting the following sites.

Remember when the Professor explains his plans to the crew over a miniature version of the Mint of Spain? The Grand Eastwood Palazzo in Quezon City will all act as this diorama after a giant El Profesor turns up from behind these buildings’ facades.

Denver is the happiest when he’s around money, which also inspires his infectious laugh. Denver lying on the stacks of money at the Bank of Spain’s vault is also recreated on the PET Plans Building along EDSA Guadalupe, with its reflective panels serving as a shining bed of money.

Nairobi’s fiery welding scene has also arrived in Taguig. See it come alive when the Uptown BGC Fire Fountain lights up at 7PM, recreating that very empowering moment.

Tokyo’s dramatic goodbye from the first part of season 5 also appears at the Venice Grand Canal Mall, with the memorable hole overlooking mallgoers from the roof.

You can watch out for more heists when El Profesor’s diorama scene also rises at the Uptown Palazzo in Taguig starting today, and when the gold vault diving scene appears underwater at the Venice Grand Canal Mall on December 5.

Which Money Heist moment is your favorite? Don’t miss the chance to snap a photo with these giant remakes around the country! Just be sure to maintain physical distancing to make it a safe experience for everyone.

Money Heist Filter on Instagram

Aside from this big heist of multiple buildings in the country, you can also witness Netflix’s mini heists via AR on Instagram! All you need is Netflix’s new AR filter on Instagram, and you can watch a blimp, Sofia the ferret, the Bank of Spain, and more come alive through your smartphone’s camera.

So what are you waiting for? Be part of the Money Heist phenomenon and be a scene-stealer online by sharing your captured photos of the crew from different parts of the country with the hashtags #VivaLaResistancia and #MoneyHeist.

Don’t forget to catch Money Heist 5.2 only on Netflix.

For the uninitiated, Money Heist tells of two long-prepared robberies in Spain executed by a crew of skilled individuals, and masterminded by the Professor. The show’s lineup of complex characters and the smartly written story of a modern crime drama have stolen the hearts of fans from different parts of the globe since its debut in 2017. You can still catch up to the Money Heist craze by streaming seasons 1 to 5.1 only on Netflix.

Created by Alex Pina, the show’s cast includes Alvaro Morte, Úrsula Corberó, Itziar Ituño, Pedro Alonso, Alba Flores, and Jaime Lorente.

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