Mikhail Red’s ‘Arisaka,’ Starring Maja Salvador, is Coming to Netflix this December

From Mikhail Red, the director of Birdshot and Dead Kids, comes the new survival thriller film Arisaka, which stars Maja Salvador, Mon Confiado, Art Acuña, and more. The film is set to arrive on Netflix this December 9, as announced by the director himself on Facebook and on Instagram.

Check out his Instagram post below:

Arisaka centers on a policewoman who is assigned to escort a local politician. However, when someone makes an attempt on the politician’s life, she narrowly escapes death and finds herself being tailed by corrupt officials and gang members who are all out for blood. She then hides in the wilderness where the Bataan Death March happened, and she realizes that she must retrace the trail of the Bataan Death March to escape her captors and seek her vengeance.

The film first premiered at the 2021 Tokyo International Film Festival, where it was nominated for the top award — the Tokyo Grand Prix.

Arisaka starts streaming on Netflix this December 9.


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Action | Thriller
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