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TV Guide: Movies Showing From November 15 to 21, 2021

Here's your guide to all the must-watch movies on TV this week!

Isn’t it a bummer when you see your favorite movie already playing halfway through when you turn on the TV? Fret not! From rom-com and action to horror and thriller, we’re giving you a heads up on all the must-watch movies on TV from November 15 to 21, 2021.

November 15, Monday

Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom
(4:45pm, HBO)
Indiana Jones, a legendary archaeologist, finds himself in India, where a bunch of poor villagers reaches out to him to track down an ancient stone that has been stolen by an evil priest.

Between Maybes
(5pm, Cinema One)
A man lives as a recluse in Japan until a washed-up actress arrives. As he checks up on her, the two lost souls find comfort in each other.

A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)
(11:35pm, Cinemax)
After Kris and her boyfriend Dean die due to a mysterious dream, Nancy, their friend, who has been having similar dreams realizes that the killer finds his victims when they fall asleep.

November 16, Tuesday

Just The Way You Are
(4pm, Cinema One)
Drake bets his best friend that he can make a nerdy transfer student fall in love with him in 30 days, but then his heart gets involved.


(4:25pm, HBO)
During a voyage to a distant colony planet, Jim’s hypersleep pod malfunctions, waking him up. He and fellow passenger Aurora must work together to prevent their spaceship from meeting with a disaster.

November 17, Wednesday

Into The Storm
(3:55pm, Cinemax)
After learning about some major developing storms, Pete, a storm chaser, heads to Silverton to film tornadoes. Soon, he discovers that a tornado shifts course and heads towards a high school.

47 Ronin
(5:25pm, HBO)
Lord Asano is punished for injuring Lord Kira and asked to commit seppuku. When Kai and the other samurai realise that their master was not at fault, they set out to seek revenge against Lord Kira.

The Unmarried Wife
(7pm, Cinema One)
A woman finds herself torn between a relationship with her new lover and unresolved feelings for her soon-to-be ex-husband.

A Secret Affair
(7:30pm, PBO)
Rafi, happy with her partner, Mark, is respected for her beauty and personality. Then a major life decision changes everyone’s opinion about her, and a happy-go-lucky woman captures Mark’s attention.

November 18, Thursday

Men In Black: International
(6:25pm, Cinemax)
Agent M, a probationary member of the MIB, teams up with Agent H and uncovers a sinister plot that reveals a traitor in the organization aiding an alien invasion.

(7pm, Cinema One)
David, a security guard, survives a fatal train accident, only to be tracked down by a man named Elijah Price, who claims that David is blessed with superhuman abilities.

Knight And Day
(7:10pm, HBO)
June Havens meets Roy Miller, a lethal operative, in an unlikely encounter and gets entangled in his adventures. She falls in love with him and has to figure out if he is a traitor or a good guy.

November 19, Friday

The Hangover
(2:25pm, Cinemax)
Doug and his three best men go to Las Vegas to celebrate his bachelor party. However, the three best men wake up the next day with a hangover and realise that Doug is missing.

Finally Found Someone
(5pm, Cinema One)
When a woman is left at the altar, the video goes viral online, and a PR rep is hired to help her. In the end, they realize that they have fallen for each other.

Jack Reacher
(6:50pm, HBO)
When a former US Army sniper, James Barr, is accused of killing five people, Jack Reacher, a former Military Police officer, takes it upon himself to investigate the case.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
(9pm, HBO)
When Major Susan Turner is arrested for treason, ex-investigator Jack Reacher undertakes the challenging task to prove her innocence and ends up exposing a shocking conspiracy.

Meet Me in St. Gallen
(11:30pm, PBO)
Celeste and Jesse have a one-night stand and then go their separate ways, only to end up meeting again in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

November 20, Saturday

My Big Love
(12pm, Cinema One)
An overweight chef hires a personal trainer to get fit for the woman he loves.

Spider-Man: Homecoming
(10pm, Cinemax)
Peter Parker tries to stop the Vulture from selling weapons made with advanced Chitauri technology while trying to balance his life as an ordinary high school student.

November 21, Sunday

Born To Love You
(5pm, Cinema One)
A poor young woman joins amateur singing contests with her two siblings and falls in love with a photographer.

Wonder Woman 1984
(6:35pm, HBO)
Wonder Woman finds herself battling two opponents, Maxwell Lord, a shrewd entrepreneur, and Barbara Minerva, a friend-turned-foe. Meanwhile, she also ends up crossing paths with her love interest.

Spider-Man: Far From Home
(10pm, Cinemax)
Peter Parker, the beloved superhero Spider-Man, faces four destructive elemental monsters while on holiday in Europe. Soon, he receives help from Mysterio, a fellow hero with mysterious origins.

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