WATCH: The New Character Teaser for iQiyi’s ‘Jirisan’ Gives Audience a Glimpse of the Mysteries of Mt. Jiri

Who's excited to unveil the mysteries of Jirisan?

As we get closer to the premiere of Ju Ji Hoon and Gianna Jun’s latest K-drama Jirisan this October 23, we’re also getting more and more excited to see the stories that will unfold for all of us in the drama. Just today, iQiyi has released yet another teaser which serves as an introduction to Ju Ji Hoon’s character, Hyun Jo.

Watch it here:

The latest teaser shows national park ranger Yi Kang (played by Gianna Jun) and Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) having a casual conversation as they go on a mission together in the mountains. It then follows a series of conversations, where other park rangers talking about Hyun Jo, being the rookie in their group. The teaser then switches to a darker scene, taking the viewers deeper into the mysteries of the mountain while revealing more blood and figures that bring danger to the mountain rangers and the mountain’s visitors.

Photo: iQiyi

Jirisan is set in Mount Jiri, and follows national park rangers who go to the unexplored regions of the mountain to rescue survivors and lost trekkers. At the center of the story is experienced national park ranger Seo Yi Kang and rookie Kang Hyun Jo who unveil the secrets of the mountain together.

The series comes from director Lee Eung Bok (Sweet Home, Mr. Sunshine, Goblin), with a screenplay by Kim Eun Hee (Kingdom, Signal). Joining Gianna Jun and Ju Ji Hoon in the cast are Oh Jung Se, Sung Dong Il, Jo Han Chul, Jun Suk Ho, and more.


Jirisan premieres on iQiyi this October 25.

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TV Show Info

Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Produced by
tvN, iQiyi
Lee Eung-bok


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