Raymond Bagatsing in ‘Art 2 Art’

Actor Raymond Bagatsing – who has been reaping critical praise and awards for his lead performance in the historical drama Quezon’s Game – guests in Art 2 Art in its episode airing on June 30.

Raymond Bagatsing In Art 2 Art

Bagatsing recounts being invited to an unexpected audition where he was asked to read excerpts from a speech by President Manuel Quezon, and how he would later prepare for the role of a lifetime. A scion of a well-known political clan, he recalls his start in action movies before establishing himself as a dramatic and character actor. Bagatsing also shares his other interests as a certified yoga instructor and martial arts practitioner.

Emmanuel John Villarin

Produced by the Manila Broadcasting Company and hosted by “Ballerina ng Bayan” Lisa Macuja, Art 2 Art airs every Sunday, 3:30 to 4 p.m., on radio via DZRH (666 khz on the AM band), on cable television via RHTV (Ch. 129 on Skycable in Metro Manila, Ch. 18 on Cignal TV and Ch. 3 on Cablelink) and livestreaming at http://dzrhnews television.tv. The show may also be viewed via the Facebook account DZRH News Television.

On June 23, Art 2 Art meanwhile features musical prodigy Emanuel John “EJ” Villarin. A scholar at the Philippine High School for the Arts, the 15-year-old has been playing the violin since age four, won his first award at the National Music Competitions for Young Artists at 10, and became a pioneering member and first violin of the Manila Symphony Junior Orchestra at 13. He recently had his first solo concert at the Steinway Boutique.

For inquiries, please e-mail art2artdzrh@gmail.com or visit the Ballerina ng Bayan page on Facebook. Past episodes of the program may be viewed on YouTube, at the Art 2 Art with Lisa Macuja channel.

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