'Meteor Garden' Remake is Coming To Netflix!

Netflix has just announced that the Chinese remake of the hit series Meteor Garden is coming to the streaming platform! And it's coming on Friday, July 13

The only catch here is that the show won't be available in the Philippines, so fans who are excited to watch the show would have to wait for it to be available locally. 

See the trailer here: 

A series based on the Japanese manga "Hana Yori Dango", Meteor Garden centers on Shancai, a poor girl who goes to a university for rich people. There she encounters a group of four rich and arrogant students - called F4 - who go around, bullying and terrorizing other students. 

The remake stars Shen Yue as Dong Shancai, Dylan Wang as Dao Ming Si, Darren Chen as Hua Ze Lei, Liang Jing Kang as Feng Mei Zuo, and Wu Xi Ze as Xi Men Yan. 

Meteor Garden launches globally (except in Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia) on July 13. For more information, you may check out Netflix' official Facebook page.

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