Uncovering the Garden of Genius in Discovery Channel’s Silicon Valley The Untold Story

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Often imitated but never duplicated, Silicon Valley has been known as the mothership of groundbreaking innovations that shape our world as we know it. From computer to microchips, satellites to smartphones, and radars to robots, Discovery Channel’s three-part series, Silicon Valley The Untold Story, digs deep into the Valley’s history to uncover the secrets of its success.


The series tackles the road to success in the Valley by dissecting the stories of notable visionaries cum entrepreneurs who have made it big. Featuring everyone who’s anyone- from Whatsapp founder Jan Koum, Space-X CEO Elon Musk, to Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page - the show unveils the complex dynamics at play as dreams turn into dollars, and eventually become tools that change our way of life.

Silicon Valley Steve Jobs

Similar to how Steve Jobs, arguably the best-known figure in the community, is perceived as a visionary with a magical ability to foresee the future, the Valley is also seen as a place imbued with technological clairvoyance. Silicon Valley The Untold Story debunks this myth as it shows how the Valley’s history has primarily been comprised of flawed forecasts and wrong predictions. The show reveals how the Valley’s strength stems from an all-too-rare understanding that in the pursuit of innovation, the most natural and frequent outcome is failure and that much of the Valley’s astonishing staying power stems from its ability to tolerate failure and profit from its lessons.

Catch the first episode of the three-part series Silicon Valley The Untold Story this Monday, 14 May, at 9:50PM on the Discovery Channel.

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