Above and Beyond: Hot Air Balloon Festival Draws a Crowd of 50,000

Along with the hot air balloons that wowed the crowd, local music artists also kept the night alive!

It’s no secret that the Lubao International Balloon and Music Festival has become one of the most anticipated and celebrated festivities in the Philippines. Thousands of people leave the comfort of their homes to celebrate this yearly jam-packed event despite rising temperatures.

This year, the Lubao International Balloon and Music Festival boasts fifty thousand (50,000) attendees––this during the third day alone! Never in the past years has there been a crowd of this size. What is it that makes the festival bigger and better each year? One would naturally think that an annual event could become repetitive, but the team behind it meticulously listens to the opinions of the Filipino people to give them the experience perfectly catered to their preference. Hence, #LubaoIBMF2019 was 
filled with an explosive artist lineup that left the people wanting more. 

The hot air balloons were the main attraction that captured everyone’s hearts, and this year there were 10 special shapes that wowed the crowd. Although not everyone could ride balloons due to limited slots, watching the colorful giants take flight was a beautiful spectacle in and of itself. This year, Lubao was blessed with favorable weather conditions that allowed the balloons to take to the skies during the course 
of the three-day event.

During mid-day, various groups of friends and families chose to stay inside the festival grounds to bond with each other despite the heat. A roster of on-ground and aerial activities such as Ultralight, off-road and rallycross, car show, outdoor zoo, inflatables, carnival rides, and game booths were available to many. Some, however, chose to take advantage of the windy weather and flew kites across the fields of Pradera Verde.

When evening came, people would crowd the gorgeous and massive main stage in preparation for the concert. Cellphone lights would fill the night as audiences swayed to the beat of the songs played by their favorite artists. It was truly a scene to behold. Of course, each night wouldn’t be complete without the serene glow of the balloons that captured everyone’s attention and adoration. 

The crowd doubled in size when the third and last day of the festival came. Vice Ganda, This Band, and Moira kept the crowd at an all time high! Cheers and laughter echoed throughout the festival grounds. Bamboo, a staple and crowd favorite, raised the bar higher as he rendered an electric performance that brought the Lubao International Balloon and Music Festival 2019 to a close. The night ended with a huge blast of confetti, a beautiful fireworks display, and the rest was history.

Time and time again, the Lubao IBMF proves to bring joy and wonder to its attendees. It indeed was not an easy feat to ensure the utmost safety and enjoyment of thousands––but again, you’d come to realize that nothing is impossible for a few that have exhibited exemplary faith and determination. In the end, the message is clear: this is what it means to take everyone above and beyond!

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