GALLERY: 14 Things to Experience at the ‘BIORHYTHM: Music and the Body’ Exhibit

Visit The Mind Museum's first traveling exhibition to explore the relationship between music and body.

From November to February, The Mind Museum is hosting its first ever traveling exhibition entitled BIORHYTHM: An Exhibition Exploring The Relationship Between Music And The Body. Located at the Special Exhibition Hall, Biorhythm showcases 14 interactive installations that will expand your knowledge of the fascinating relationship between music/sound and the human body.

'Music is a central part of the human experience, but what is the natural force that drives us to sing, strum, drum and dance?' says Michael John Gorman, Founding Director of the Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin. The Science Gallery created Biorhythm in Ireland, and the exhibit has traveled to New York last year, then in Singapore last August 2012.

Children and adults (especially music lovers) alike will enjoy experiencing the interplay of music and sound with their bodies at Biorhythm. The interactive exhibit featuring fourteen unique sonic experiences, installations, experiments and performances are crafted by musicians, engineers and neuroscientists from around the world. Seat yourself at a Sonic Chair, measure how much your body responds to different types of music, create music with your skin's electrical resistance — these and more can be done at the Biorhythm! Click on the gallery to view the fourteen different installations that you can interact with at The Mind Museum.

You purchase tickets to the exhibit online (via or at The Mind Museum ticket booth. BIORHYTHM visit is not subject to the three-hour museum time slots.
BIORHYTHM Only: P250 (Adult), P200 (Children/Students)
Museum Visit + BIORHYTHM: P800 (Adult), P600 (Children/Private School Students), P300 (Public School Students/Teachers)
All-Day Pass + BIORHYTHM: P950 (enter anytime and leave anytime for the entire day; no 3 hour limit)

Images courtesy of The Mind Museum.


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