3, 2, 1… Lost in the Philippines hits off into its first destination

The travel show aims to document an authentic and culturally rich Filipino travel experience.

Lost in the Philippines is an online travel show which aims to document an authentic and culturally rich Filipino travel experience. The show is created and hosted by three foreigners, Benjamin Gullick, Matthew Steley, and Edward Broomfield. It is directed by Batangas based videographer, Lee Calasignan. 

The Lost in the Philippines team, with the help of social media, hosts competitions for Filipinos who aspire to travel the country for free. Through their Facebook, Instagram & YouTube accounts, participants are encouraged to like & share content, thus showing active engagement. The winners are then chosen based on the amount of engagement & interest they express.


  • Like the Facebook page
  • Comment and tag 3 friends who you want to tag along
  • Share the specific post and talk about why the hosts should pick them and why they deserve to travel for free

The show at its core is a platform for cross-cultural engagement providing Filipinos with an opportunity to explore the Philippines’ uniqueness, the daily provincial and city life that is found in great variety throughout the vast archipelago of the Philippines and give more admiration for the country’s beauty, locally and abroad. 

The show kicked off in early 2017, when the crew first released a series of promotional videos explaining the competition and travel based formula. The pilot episode was shot in Baler, Aurora along with the crew and the first batch of winners. The group stayed in L’Sirene beach resort owned by model and actress, Sam Pinto. 

Lost in the Philippines wants to connect to as many Filipinos as possible both virtual, through social media, and in reality, via traveling, learning and experiencing the endless cultures.

Moreover, the team made its first collaboration with Plump Twins who are well established body-positive influencers.

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