10 Free Filipino Comic Books You Can Now Read in Full on PenLab

From freakish tales to bittersweet love stories to thought-provoking pieces, here are ten short comics that are worth the read at PenLab.ink!

To the delight of Filipino comic book fans, the webcomics platform PenLab continues to grow its library of Pinoy-made comics!

Founded by the creative content group Kalabaw Kolektib, PenLab is an online reading platform that is exclusive to Filipino readers and creators. Right now, the platform is brimming with ongoing series, finished works, and previews of popular titles from a vast array of genres that are all up for reading for free!

While many of its ongoing series are definitely worth following for the next episode, some of us just want to have a quick read that we can digest in just one sitting. If you’re this type of reader, then we got you covered. Here’s a list of some short comics you can now read in full on PenLab!

The Feast

By Budjette Tan, KaJO Baldisimo, and Alex Arellano

The Feast is a one-shot comic from the creators of TRESE, with a script co-written with Alex Arellano. It tells the story of a group of friends who are in search of the most exotic dishes in the province. However, an aswang plans to feast on them instead.


Read it here.

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By Bryan M.

This thought-provoking piece follows a man’s realization of the flaws of humanity after being witness to the tragic fate of a small stray cat on the street.

Read it here.

There She Glows

By Christine Silva

There She Glows is a critique on the social constructs of what it means for a woman to be beautiful, and how certain beauty brands feed on women’s insecurities brought by these constructs. The one-shot comic follows a couple whose relationship is cut short by a beauty product with an adverse side effect.

Read it here.


By M.A. Del Rosario

This short comic details the ugly truth about our society through the eyes of the personified city of Manila. Carlo, a man devoid of morals and compassion is visited by the sick Manila, who takes him on an eye-opening journey across time in the hope that it will change him and his abysmal ways before the city takes its final breath.

Read it here.

Nang Mainlove Ako Sa Isang Sakristan

By Richard Mercado

A ‘boys’ love’ comic book, Nang Mainlove Ako Sa Isang Sakristan follows the romantic story of two teenagers– the school boy Francis and the altar boy Didoy. After sharing a kiss, their attempt to escape humiliation thrusts them into a journey of self-discovery they won’t forget.

Read it here.

Habulan: A Zine for Our Childhood

By Blue Indie Komiks

This 32-page zine is an anthology of short comics and illustrations with our childhood as its theme. It tells nostalgic stories about our young selves that can be sweet, sad, or a mix of the two.

Read it here.


By Krayonela

This one-shot silent comic tells of a love story shaped by the sea. It opens with a young surfer sinking into the sea, until she is saved by a mermaid. They then form a special bond that soon becomes a budding romance.

Read it here.

Bodies of Water

By Krayonela

Bodies of Water is another romantic one-shot comic from Krayonela, but this time, the visuals are accompanied by a poetic narrative. The one-shot tells of a bittersweet love story between two women, symbolized by the different churns and changes in bodies of water.

Read it here.


By Marianie

Marianie’s vibrant short comic Palaso follows the heartwarming story of the Dark Cupid, the entity who is tasked to pull out Cupid’s arrows from people when they are trying to move on.

Read it here.


By Ren Ren Galeno

This dark silent comic from Ren Ren Galeno follows a woman who is being stalked by a monstrous manifestation of her fear.

Read it here.

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