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7 Things You Have to Know About the SMART x BTS Partnership

Smart said they will be releasing Smart x BTS photocards soon!

ICYMI, Smart Communications has recently partnered up with Grammy-nominated group BTS for their “Live Your Passion with Purpose” campaign. With this collaboration comes the highly-anticipated TVC, featuring members RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook as they dance to their chart-topping song, “Dynamite.”

Watch the TVC below:

Just in time for the release of the video yesterday, Smart held a virtual press conference with the Philippine press. Here, the Smart executives answered questions we’ve all been dying to know about this highly-anticipated partnership.

And since there’s quite a lot of things to unpack from the said event, we’ve made this quick list of 7 things we got to know– and you definitely should, too — about the collaboration:

BTS sealed the deal with SMART on New Year’s Day this year

According to Smart SVP and Head of Consumer Wireless Business Jane Basas, making the partnership with BTS has been “a long uphill climb,” and would not be possible without the help of PublicityAsia. It was only in Christmas 2020 that the deal was finalized, with BTS signing the contract with Smart on New Year’s Day 2021.


Smart’s campaign with BTS is specifically for the youth

Basas explained that Smart’s newest campaign is for Gen Z. So when they think about who can best inspire this particular generation to live a life of passion and purpose, the first name that comes to mind is that of the world’s leading pop icons — BTS.

“BTS won over the hearts of millions all over the world not just with their talent, but also with their messages of hope and inspiration,” Basas stated. “We are very honored to have this partnership with BTS that encourages the Filipino youth to keep their fair and continue pursuing their passion and purpose no matter the challenges that lie ahead.”

Photo from Smart Communications

Filming for the TVC took over 10 hours

Basas revealed that BTS filmed the commercial in Seoul back in January 16. Since this was during the height of a global pandemic, Smart had to arrange things virtually for the group. Still, they were able to meet and see just how amazing the personalities of the 7 boys are even when off-cam!

“We did get to meet the kids virtually, and bata talaga,” Basas shared. “The ones that are super makulit are [Jung Kook], j-hope. V was very makulit, but they’re very, very nice [and] very professional. They came in on time.”

“In fact, when the director actually changed some of the scenes and didn’t follow the shooting board, walang reklamo ‘yung mga bata,” she added.

BTS misses a lot of things from the Philippines

In a filmed interview with the group, BTS members shared what they miss the most about the Philippines and the Filipino ARMY. “I think we always went to the Philippines once a year during our tour. A lot of fans are waiting and supporting us even with the hot weather,” RM, the group’s leader answered.

Jin also expressed his wish to visit the Philippines, saying that he “wants to go there as a vacation spot.” ARMY would definitely want to see the group enjoying their vacation here in the Philippines, especially after they went and filmed their Summer Package DVD in Coron, Palawan back in 2017.

If Jin talked about the country as a vacation spot, j-hope, on the other hand, raved about the country’s cuisine. “Food is also delicious,” he said. “I love the Philippines.” This brings ARMY back to the time when he and SUGA did a mukbang Vlive where they had and enjoyed shrimp sinigang and adobo.

SUGA — a proud basketball fan — revealed in the video that he actually watches professional Filipino basketball occasionally. This surprised the other members, to which SUGA commended Filipino players, saying that he thought that their “level was very high.”

While the older members talked about the things that they missed about the country, the maknae line’s answers leaned more on how grateful they are for the Filipino ARMY.

Jimin said that the Filipino ARMY’s efforts to show their support towards BTS definitely do not go unnoticed. “We know very well that you are always sending us message through social media. You are also doing various activities such as uploading videos that cover our songs or dances, and participating in competitions.”

V and Jung Kook also said that they are all aware of the immense love and support of Filipino fans. Jung Kook said: “I’m very grateful to all the ARMY who support us from far away.”

“I heard that there are a lot of ARMY in the Philippines,” V said. “I’d like to see you as soon as possible.”

BTS’ purpose is to inspire people

Asked about what their passion and purpose are, BTS’ answers revolved around one thing: the ARMY. Check out their answers below:

RM: Our passion and purpose are, of course, to encourage and inspire people with the music and dancing we love. I think that’s everything.

Jin: I’m not sure about BTS’ passion, because I can’t read the mind of our members, but my passion is to please ARMY. I will do my best with all my effort.

SUGA: What makes us move is the ARMY waiting for us.

j-hope: The members before me spoke very well. These days, I try to move with passion without purpose. That might soon become the purpose

Jimin: The passion of the team comes from longing for stage and wanting to do music. And the reason and purpose, of course, will be ARMY.

V: I want to give encouragement and healing to ARMY’s life with great music.

Jung Kook: I often think about what I can do right now, what I want to do, and what I need to do.

An online concert is something that is hopefully in the works

Aside from the question as to when the group will come to the Philippines to perform, another question that we’ve all been dying to know is the possibility of a BTS online concert or show for the Filipino ARMY. The last time that the group performed here was in 2017 for their “Wings” tour.

Miriam Choa, FVP and Head of Mobile Prepaid Business for Smart, answered: “We had a plan, but their schedule is just fully-booked. It’s something that we’d like to work on, but not so soon. Considering the pandemic, considering how big they are right now, there’s just so many things happening at the same time for them.”

She then went on to reveal that Smart’s original plan was for Filipino fans to have a meet-and-greet with them. However, because of BTS’ schedule, this project is not yet happening anytime soon.

Yes, Smart will be releasing Smart x BTS photocards!

Fans of the group would know that aside from concerts and TVC, the next best thing that they could have is a set of limited edition photocards to add to their collections. This is among the other Smart x BTS content lined up for fans in the coming days.

“You should watch out for the exclusive photocards. They are beautiful,” Ochoa started. “I’m a collector of photocards as well and this is one top-notch. Sobrang ganda. We will announce the mechanics on [how to get] the photocards later on.”

While waiting for Smart to drop more content regarding this partnership, Smart Prepaid, Postpaid, Infinity, Bro, TNT, and PLDT Prepaid Home Wifi subscribers can enjoy the exclusive BTS content only on the Smart + BTS page.

For more information, you may check out Smart’s official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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