An Online Spot Where You Can Read & Publish Free Filipino Comics

Looking for more Filipino comics you can read at home? Check out Penlab!

Earlier this year, just weeks after the lockdown, artists from various industries started sharing their works for free to help us cope during the time when people are expected to isolate themselves.

This slew of artists included comic book creators, who used different online platforms to share their works for free. But now, our search for such works is made easier thanks to the platform that gathers free Pinoy comics in one place–

Photo: Kalabaw Kolektib on Facebook

Penlab is an online reading platform that is exclusive for Filipino comics founded by the creative content group Kalabaw Kolektib. Imagine Line Webtoon or your go-to manga site, but filled with Pinoy characters, settings, and stories! Here, you can read free Pinoy komiks or publish yours for a wide range of audiences to read and enjoy.

“As content consumption moves to digital, Penlab aims to provide an avenue for komiks creators and readers to connect better,” it states on their website. “At the heart of it, Penlab is a community project made by komikeros for komikeros. While our main focus is digital, we also hope to complement print production to better support our creators.”

Katipunera Warrior, Super Proxies, Dapit Hapon, Nagmamahal Maria Clara, and The Hotdog Prince are just some of the popular Pinoy comics that you need to check out on the Penlab.


Start reading and publishing now on For updates, follow Kalabaw Kolektib on Facebook.

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