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What’s On Your Mind?: Quarantine Stories, Part IV

Everything is just uncertain nowadays. We have so many thoughts in our minds that need to be aired with everything that’s been going on.

In this new series, we reach out to people from different walks of life under community quarantine. We ask them a simple question: “What’s On Your Mind?” Here are their stories.

Lea Yosalina, 28, Parañaque
Airline Pilot

Image of Lea Yosalina who is an Airline Pilot

The past few weeks have been life-changing and the future is filled with uncertainty – I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the affected families and victims of the COVID-19 pandemic; the reliability of the Philippine government and how during a crisis like this – inequality still prevails and how our healthcare workers and front-liners are the true unsung heroes. Also, how jobs that other people might have been taken for granted are now at risk and others are already unemployed.

The crisis is affecting the global economy and hopefully praying we won’t go into recession. Just a couple of things I’ve been pondering lately at home which is a privilege to be grateful for.


Niccolo Cosme, 39, Makati City
Creative Director/Photographer

Image of Niccolo Cosme who is a Creative Director and Photographer of Project Headshot Clinic

Uncertainty is probably the best word that can best describe what we’re all going through right now. All of a sudden, it’s a new world, and we all need to adjust in a short amount of time. During these times I can’t help but wonder how we can live, how do we continue living.

I was at our Women’s Month campaign shoot hours before the announcement of the lockdown and we were already getting leaked information of the government’s plan which added to our anxieties, we rushed to finished our shoot so that everyone can go home. It was so surreal, it was something you’d imagine coming from a movie. Seeing people stranded on the streets, traffic was building up and I could imagine the horror everyone felt. No one was prepared for this.

Being at home for the past several weeks not doing so much, I explored every possible thing to keep me busy and sane, cooking, shooting what I was cooking, editing the videos of me cooking, editing videos of past travels, planning future projects etc. I’m really used to being out in the field during calamities but this one is different, I don’t have business to be outside, I felt helpless.

A project that I created in 2007, Project Headshot Clinic is a digital platform that uses profile photos and advocates. It involves shooting a number of people for a thematic campaign which is impossible to do at this time. It became a wasted opportunity to uplift a society blanketed in fear and uncertainty.

The idea came after several brainstorming with my team that we will attempt our first ever “NO SHOOT” campaign. It will serve as a fundraiser for chosen institutions greatly affected by COVID-19. No shoot means that participants will send us their photos and we will digital manipulate them into artworks. Art heals and during this uncertainty, we all need each other, dream together and work together.

For more information on One World 2020 you may visit

Julianne Suazo, 24, Muntinlupa
Marketing and PR Executive

Image of Julianne Suazo who is a Marketing and PR Executive

I think the ECQ lockdown has pushed me to take a step back and truly see what is actually holding my life together. While I’m out of my usual daily routine and standing at the face of uncertainty, I’ve experienced anxiety, insomnia, and panic attacks.

I’m just trying to cope with it the best way I can—by going back to the basics. I’ve been regaining comfort and solace in the things that I’ve held on to before my social and work life took over, like reading, writing, and listening to podcasts. Beyond my self, I also feel uplifted looking at news of companies, universities, and individuals taking initiative in helping the nation face this invisible enemy. It also provides a great sense of comfort helping one another at a time like this and seeing humanity working its way to triumph.

Want to share what’s on your mind amidst the quarantine? Then we’d like to hear from you. Follow and send us a message on Instagram (@clickthecity).

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