LOOK: ‘Death Note’ One Shot Cover Art Teases New Protagonist

Are we seeing the next Kira?

At the beginning of the year, the news broke out that a new one-shot chapter for the popular manga Death Note will be released this February. Now, we have the official cover art from Crunchyroll, featuring a new face that we could only assume is the latest protagonist of the series.

Check out the cover art below by Death Note's original illustrator, Takeshi Obata:

Image: Crunchyroll website

The new cover art features a new character that looks so up-to-date, from his hair to his outfit to the smartphone he's holding. He sits on a red apple, the favorite treat by the Shinigami Ryuk who blankly stares on the background. According to Japanese news site Sora News 24, the 87-page one shot follows Ryuk as he serves Japan's most intelligent junior high school student, Minoru Tanaka, who could very well be the young man depicted on the cover art.

Death Note is a 12-volume manga from writer Tsugumi Ohba and illustrator Takeshi Obata which ended back in 2006, followed by a short one-shot released in 2008. It is about the high school student Light Yagami who picks up the Death Note, a notebook who could kill a person just by writing his or her name on it. Light uses it to rid the world of criminals, until the world's greatest detective only known as L, stepped into the picture. A battle between two geniuses with different perspectives of serving justice then commences.

The Death Note manga is available via Shueisha’s Manga Plus website. You can also stream both the anime series and the American remake of Death Note on Netflix.


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