Check Out Meg Cabot’s Newest Princess Diaries Entries In Light of COVID-19

Even the Kingdom of Genovia has closed its borders from people coming from other countries!

Just recently, Meg Cabot – author of the Princess Diaries series and Princess Mia's "Royal Biographer" – has shared with us the latest entries from the Princess' diary, where she gave us updates on her Royal duties, Grandmere, and how the Kingdom of Genovia has been coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

There are currently four entries available online for free, and a fifth entry is set to drop on Cabot's website on Monday (Tuesday for the Philippines, probably!). 

In this series of entries, Princess Mia lets us in her on her thoughts regarding the global pandemic, how its best handled today (e.g. shutting down the borders, encouraging people to observe social distancing), and how its going to impact their economy because it's apparently the peak season for tourists to come to Genovia. 

Screenshot from Meg Cabot's website

She also tells us about how her family is reacting with the lockdown, with her husband having to go on self-quarantine after working at a hospital, Grandmere – in true Grandmere fashion – refusing to do social distancing, and her parents complaining about how the important events are either postponed or canceled. 

This is the first time fans of the book franchise have heard of Princess Mia since the release of Princess Diaries: Royal Wedding in 2015. 

You can check out Meg Cabot's website to read "The Corona Princess Diaries"


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