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What’s On Your Mind?: Quarantine Stories, Part I

In this new series, we reach out to people from different cities under community quarantine and ask them what's on their mind. Here are their stories.

Everything is just uncertain nowadays. With the pandemic we're all experiencing, the need to adapt and the anxiety that comes with it, we are left with too many thoughts in our mind that need to be aired. In this new series, we reach out to people from different walks of life under community quarantine and ask them a simple question: "What's On Your Mind?" Here are their stories.

Kris Sy, 35, Makati
Co-Founder / CEO / Instructor of Electric Studio Indoor Cycling and Rhythm Boxing

As I slowly enter week 3 of the lockdown, I can’t help but think through how things have dramatically shifted over the past few weeks. How simply being outside or having human contact is now a mere memory, and how powerless I am about the situation unfolding. As I feel the loss of the past, I also can’t help but imagine how at some point when this is all over and we take our first steps outside and into a completely changed world, that we will now always appreciate the little things in life we once took for granted. But at this moment, as we live in the now, (a present that is completely unfamiliar not just to me but even my parents’ generation), it is now more than ever that we need to stick together, help each other, and be kind to one another. The world needs relentless positivity and camaraderie now more than ever. We will get through this and come out of this stronger than ever.

Patrick Go, 31, Mandaluyong

I'm worried — about our front liners and people who are affected by the virus. Very worried also about the effects of this crisis in the long run.


I'm also motivated — to help others in this trying time. Motivated to think of ways to alleviate the effects of the crisis after this is all over.

I'm keeping positive — staying positive for myself and for everyone. We all need to be a bright light in this dark time.

Marian, 28, Pasig
Government Employee

I’ve been thinking about this since the ECQ started, even our worries speak about our social status and privileges, too. While we worry of getting bored and what to do “next”, others struggle to find food to eat, worse, die not knowing they’re positive of COVID 19. So always check your privilege and as much as possible, use it to help and protect those who are in need. And when this ends, our fight for a better government shall continue.

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