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What’s On Your Mind?: Quarantine Stories, Part II

In this new series, we reach out to people from different cities under community quarantine and ask them what's on their mind. Here are their stories.

Everything is just uncertain nowadays. With the pandemic we're all experiencing, the need to adapt and the anxiety that comes with it, we are left with too many thoughts in our mind that need to be aired. In this new series, we reach out to people from different walks of life under community quarantine and ask them a simple question: "What's On Your Mind?" Here are their stories.

EG Bautista, 27, Quezon City
Senior Instructor, Ride Revolution

My job usually requires me to be in 5 different places a day, with guaranteed interaction with so many people – all different walks of life. The quarantine has forced me into isolation that has made me think bigger, making me really step out of my comfort zone. It makes me thankful for most of the things I easily take for granted. There are definitely moments of anxiety and mental stress when you think of the ‘uniformity’ of each day – not allowing any other social interaction than whomever you’re with. The possibility of prolonged lock-downs, the increasing rate of deaths, and hearing about people infected is getting closer to home. Just praying for more clarity from the government that leads us, and safety for front-liners that continue to save us.

Chal Lontoc-del Rosario, 35, Makati
Travel Entrepreneur

Just this week, I heard our neighbor play his piano for the first time. People are creating and sharing their art and knowledge for free. Families are cooking at home again and being are being together in learning and coping. It’s beautiful… But of course there realities. I’m in the travel industry, so we feel the grunt and turmoil of it all as travel is banned. Of course, we took the bitter pill and accepted the fact that this will be much longer than April 14. With zero new sales coming in, we are just making sure to be there for our people and others instead. Whether it’s giving our time and continuing our work for refunds and cancellations or just being a reliable source of information, anything and everything counts to be of service.


My current state right now is to be there for others and to live lockdown life with intentions. It’s easy to get mixed up with all the negative news, so it really boils down to being informed but also being productive. I’m actually busier now than I was before all of this. Having to balance work at home and schooling 2 boys at home is tough, but nothing compared to the COVID-19 battle at hand. For the first time in our generation and the much younger ones, we really now all play a part. Whether it’s giving donations, helping our front liners, being a kinder person to everyone, or even just staying at home, everyone has a role. This “quarantine economy” is making it an equal field for most. No one is ahead or no one is all-knowing. No one is immune from it either, we are all affected by it one way or another. What’s important is to know that you are not alone. As we see things unfolding, we are also seeing who our true leaders are. If we are able to catch certain silver linings with it, learn along the way, and still find gratitude in the smallest of things, then we can come out of it better. And that’s what’s on my mind now… Just to be better and be there for one another. As I always like to say, better we all suffer a little, then only a few should suffer a lot. Together is always better. So here I am… Finding the balance of experiencing the beauty of all of this crisis, without forgetting the realities of this world.

Crissle Bauzon, 25, Caloocan
Marketing Admin Officer

There's a lot of things that's bugging my mind during this lockdown, one of them is the aftermath of this situation. Will everything be back to what it used to be? Or will it be a new world for all of us? I know we will not have the answer for it yet, and what we can do is stay healthy and cautious at the same time. Be optimistic and see to it that you can lend a helping hand if there is a chance because we may be in a bad situation right now, but you can always be luckier than anybody else.

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