Bike and Dine and Rent Moovr Bikes in Makati’s Bike-Friendly CBD

Makati continues to add more bike-friendly innovations with the launch of two new initiatives – Bike and Dine and Moovr bike rentals.

In the past year, Makati accelerated the completion of bike lanes and sharrows (or shared bike lanes) around the central business district to provide a safer biking experience for cyclists. The city continues to add more bike-friendly innovations with the launch of two new initiatives – Bike and Dine and Moovr bike rentals.

Bike and Dine at the Makati Parklets

Last October 29, Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI), together with the Makati Commercial Estate Association (MACEA) recently launched new Bike and Dine racks at the Makati Al Fresco Parklets to accommodate and provide a lifestyle destination for the biking community. Three racks are installed along Esteban St. in front of Planters Products Building, while two are placed along Rada St. in front of Cy Land Building. These are available daily. Aside from being an “Instagrammable” spot, it also allows cyclists to dine while keeping their bikes close. To kick off the launch, Make It Makati (MIM) gave free gifts from Yardstick Coffee and Wildflour for the first 50 participating bikers on the day of the launch.

Shiella Aguilar, Ayala Land Project Development Head for Makati and Chrissy Roa, Marketing Head of Ayala Land Estates, together with MACEA General Manager Jonathan David were joined by Makati Bike Ambassadors Justice Gatpayat, Jay Daligdig, Cess Trinidad, Vaneline Maniego, Dan Tronco, Jennie Mars Bansig, Timothy Manuel, Jimmy Crispo, and Christen Resulto in the launch of newly-placed bike racks. 

Chrissy Roa, Marketing Head of Ayala Land Estates says, “We welcome the biking community to the Makati Central Business District. To provide them with a convenient way to dine, we initiated the Bike and Dine Project, where racks accommodate eating on the go and on the bike. This is another al fresco dining innovation that complements the Makati Parklets.”

Esteban Cycling Community member and Makati Bike ambassador, Jay Daligdig, furthers, “Having a table in an open space that’s accessible, gives a safer ambiance for cyclists who want to pop by and dine. These bikes and dining tables can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.”

Rent a bike with Moovr

Another innovation was introduced shortly after the launch of Bike and Dine. Starting November 4, Makatizens can start renting bikes within the central business district through Moovr. The bike rental service is currently available at eleven spots within MCBD – Ayala Triangle Gardens, HV Dela Costa corner Tordesillas and corner Valero, Washington Sycip Park, Legazpi Active Park, Palm Promenade Park, Café Mentore at Palm Drive, 6750 Steel Car Park, 6750 building, Glorietta 4 Park, and at the Ayala Center MRT Station.


To start, simply download the Moovr app, sign up, and scan the QR code. Moovr bike rentals are very affordable at P20 for 15 minutes and are available 24/7.

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Project Development Head for the Makati Estate, Shiella Aguilar, says, “We would like to have more venues for Moovr. The plan is to have a bike rental that is accessible within a 5-minute walk from anywhere within the MCBD.”

An ongoing effort: Makati as a bike-friendly zone

The Bike and Dine, Moovr bike rental and other upcoming initiatives will make Makati a more bike-friendly zone. Ultimately, it aims to strengthen awareness of the city’s new efforts catering to the bike community whilst encouraging more people to consider biking as an alternative transportation option.

Justice Gatpayat of the Esteban Cycling Community says his bike riding experience in Makati got a lot better. “Now, more bike racks are installed and somehow the bike lanes are more respected. With the new bike and dine racks, biking is even more pleasant here in Makati,” he reveals.

Makati Bike ambassador, Cess Trinidad, expounds, “Having bike-friendly establishments and installations promotes acceptance and safety to the biking community – it provides a safe space and convenience for bike commuters.”

“By providing a secure space for bicycles, this could help encourage more people to pedal and decongest Manila’s traffic-ridden streets,” concludes Jonathan David, MACEA General Manager. For more information about the city that makes it happen, visit and follow MakeItMakati on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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