5 Trends We Got To Learn From the Home Buddies Facebook Group

If you went through –or are currently going through your “home improvement” phase of the quarantine lockdown, then you’re probably familiar with the Home Buddies Facebook Group. More than just a group for interior design enthusiasts, the group has also become a go-to for tips, tricks, and even for sharing home milestones and achievements.

Since its conception in September 2020, the group has grown into a massive community of over 2.8M members, and with this, we’ve seen our fair share of trending DIYs and “budols”. To celebrate a whole year with our Kapitbahays, let’s look back at the top finds shared in the Home Buddies group.

DIY Mirror Wall

From tufted to arched mirrors, 2021 has seen a lot of funky and creative mirror projects for that perfect OOTD selfie. A cross between a functional mirror and a cool wall installation are these DIY mirror walls made out of mirror panels of varying shapes and sizes.

An easy and budget-friendly addition to one’s interior, Home Buddies have been sharing their own variations and twists to this DIY project. With everyone rushing to try this out, even major department stores are running out of mirrors!

If you’re planning to hop on this trend you better click that check out button ASAP!


#TeamKahoy and #TeamPuti

Inspired by Scandinavian and Muji furniture and interiors, Home Buddies from all over the world went crazy over this aesthetic trend. From kitchen essentials to air purifiers and electric fans, our kapitbahays went all out with their #TeamKahoy and #TeamPuti finds.

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Next time you’re out shopping for something to match your #TeamKahoy or #TeamPuti aesthetic, check in with the sales clerk assisting you and they just might lead you to your next budol.

Bea Alonzo’s Chicken Egg Basket

Always first to spot the latest trends, Home Buddies were quick to match with actress Bea Alonzo after spotting her quirky egg basket in a vlogshowcasing her farm house.

Irish Spring Challenge

One of the more recent hacks that went viral on the Home Buddies page is the #IrishSpringChallenge. All you need is a bar of Irish Spring by your AC and your room is supposedly left smelling fresh for hours. Kapitbahays shared their versions of the hack, with some using face mask filters and recycled air fresheners as a soap holder, and others tying the bar of soap itself directly onto the air vents!

24/7 Aircon Challenge

According to an unknown post in the group, keeping your AC on for 24 hours a day all seven days of the week would save you money and significantly reduce your electricity bill. Of course, like most other posts this advice did not come from an expert, but from a member sharing their own personal experience with the rest of Home Buddies.

With many eager to save on their bills, Home Buddies were quick to take part in what had become the 24/7 AC Challenge. But while the challenge did reduce the electricity consumption of some inverter users, majority were left mourning the loss of their paychecks and instead cracked jokes to lessen the blow.

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