We'll Be Getting Two New 'Harry Potter' Books This October!

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Get your wands out of the closet and start saving up some Galleons because two new books from the Wizarding World are set to be released this October in celebration of the book franchise’s 20th year!

Announced by the book’s UK publisher, Bloomsbury, the two new additions to the Potterhead’s book collection will be part of The British Library’s Harry Potter exhibition entitled A History of Magic which will run from October 2017 to February next year.

Harry Potter: A History of Magic - The Book of the Exhibition is made through the collaboration of Bloomsbury, JK Rowling, and the curators of the British Library. It would feature manuscripts, sketches, and illustrations from the Harry Potter archive, as well as a walkthrough along the famous courses at Hogwarts like Alchemy, Potions, Herbology, and Care for Magical Creatures. 

The second book, entitled Harry Potter - A Journey Through the History of Magicgives its readers a journey not only through the subjects that our favorite trio took during their days as Hogwarts students, but also the history of various elements and items that one may have seen in the film or have read in the books. This includes the Philosopher's Stone, broomsticks, potions, dragons, and more. 

Time to start geeking out over our favorite book series again, right? And by the time you're through with both books, there's no doubt you'll learn how to do this: 

Which book will you be getting first? You could start preordering them now via the Bloomsbury website!

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