5 Nifty iOS & Android Apps for Those Who Want to Create Music

These apps will help you make more music!

Nowadays, aspiring musicians can take advantage of the many opportunities the internet has to offer. For one, you can easily send out your music to the world through many platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and even through social media platforms. Of course, this also makes the market more competitive, so you really have to ace your skills in making music.

On this list, we’ve rounded up some apps to help you level up your music! From apps that will teach you how to play instruments or sing better, to music composers that are packed with virtual instruments you can use, here are five nifty mobile apps that you’d want to download right now!


App Store (Free)

Turn your iPad and iPhone into an ensemble of musical instruments with Garageband! This iOS app gives the users a lineup of virtual instruments including keyboards, guitars, and more. The Live Loops feature also makes it easy for anyone to start fiddling with tunes like a DJ.

Photo: GarageBand website


Play Store | App Store (Free)


Hone your skills with the piano or keyboard with this free app. Just place your phone on your instrument, choose a song that suits your skill level, and just follow the app. Using the microphone, Flowkey also lets you know if you’re hitting the right notes so you could really brush up your skills. Users can also avail the paid subscription for more in-app content.

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Photo: Flowkey on the Play Store

EarForge: Learn Ear Training

Play Store | App Store (Free)

Being able to distinguish notes by hearing would further hone your music skills, and this app will make it easier and more fun. EarForge gives you a series of tests that will challenge you to identify which notes or chords are being played. You can also see the statistics of your skills so you can check which parts are your strengths and which parts you need to improve on. Pro features are also available through a paid subscription.

Photo: EarForge on the Play Store

Yousician – Your Music Teacher

Play Store | App Store (Free)

If you want to study guitar, ukulele, bass, or singing, then this app will come in handy! Yousician has over 1,500 missions and exercises plus hundreds of video tutorials to help you gain or further improve your skills such as strumming, fingerpicking, playing chords, and more. Like Flowkey, the app also listens to you play and identifies if you’re playing your instrument right. Gain full access to the app with their premium plans.


Play Store | App Store (Free)

Here’s another app that will help you compose amazing music. BandLab offers an easy-to-use mix editor, with over 170 MIDI instruments, a looper with lots of music packs, and so much more. And the best thing about this app is that all of its features and libraries of content are absolutely free, with no subscriptions needed.

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