Smartphone Gift Guide: 5 Huawei Phones this Christmas for Every Kind of Tech Person in Your Life

Find the perfect Huawei phone that suits your friends, family, and even yourself with this list, and treat them with extra freebies this Christmas season!

From low-cost options, gadgets to fuel creativity, to top of the line premium phones that pack in all the good stuff, Huawei's collection of smartphones are as diverse and attractive as the people in your life. This Christmas season, it's time to give back to your family and friends by spoiling them with the best gadgets and phones that they deserve, because hey–they've been nice all year long!

Still torn with the many Huawei products to choose from? Worry not, we're here to guide you this holiday to make your phone shopping a breeze. Find the perfect Huawei that suits your friends, family, and even yourself with this list–and treat them with extra freebies this Christmas season!

HUAWEI Y9 2019 Perfect for: your not-so-little sibling off to high school soon

Y9 packs in a lot of punch for its affordable price and is going to be the perfect partner for the Instagram-worthy posts of the young-ish ones. Its wide screen and high resolution paired with 4 AI Cameras — a dual front camera and a rear camera — is going to make anyone seem like a pro photographer in no time! For the gamers, they're in for a treat too, as Y9 has twice the graphics processing unit efficiency, which means it delivers a powerful gaming experience, without draining the life out of the gadget. For those obsessing over music, Y9's simulates surround sound, enhances bass, plus optimizes headphone performance that you can completely lose yourself to music.

#MakeSnowPossible: Get a Puredea Speaker (worth P1,490) for FREE with every purchase of Y9 2019!


HUAWEI nova 3i Perfect for: your millennial colleagues eager to set their travel and career goals in style

Available in classic Black, sleek Pearl White, and eye-catching Iris Purple, the stunning nova 3i is going to be the envy of your favorite young millennials because this phone is going to level up the selfie game! Its wide screen gives a wider view of everything while the specialized four AI cameras give impressive photos that she can take on her weekend backpacking escapades and restaurant trips in the hunt for the next best dish.

#MakeSnowPossible: Get an Outdoor Speaker (worth P2,990) for FREE with every purchase of nova 3i!


HUAWEI MediaPad M5 Lite Perfect for: freelance artist and multimedia addict friends

For graphic designers, creative freelancers and other multimedia junkies, gift them with a sleek and fashionable MediaPad M5 Lite in Space Gray. This slate is equipped to deliver the best cinematic experience paired with a top-notch sound system, so it's definitely made for anyone that needs high-quality music streaming and binge-watching! It's especially robust when paired with the HUAWEI M-Pen lite Stylus, specially designed with advanced pressure sensitivity for full responsiveness whenever you write notes or feel inspired to create sketches on the slate.

#MakeSnowPossible: Get an Outdoor Speaker (worth P2,990) for FREE with every purchase of MediaPad M5 Lite!


HUAWEI P20 Pro Perfect for: the photographer on the go who wants only the best snaps shared on his feed

Luckily, there's a perfect match for the pickiest of photographers with Huawei's P series that has always been given the seal of approval by top photographers. The P20 Pro is no exception: co-engineered by Leica, this smartphone is armed with the Leica Triple Camera, an advanced camera system that captures exceptional photography. Impress your favorite photographer with this phone's drool-worthy camera specs: it's got a powerful 8-megapixel telephoto shooter, optical image stabilization, a 40-megapixel camera, a color temperature sensor to shoot in perfect white balance. It's mobile photography gone next level, and it looks beautiful on the outside too: the P20 Pro is available in a gradient color finish that comes in two variants–Twilight and Pink Gold.

#MakeSnowPossible: Get a Body Fat Scale (worth P1,490) for FREE with every purchase of P20 Pro!


HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro Perfect for: for the executive that deserves it all (your dad, your boss, and yourself)

This Christmas is the perfect season to upgrade to the best smartphone to suit the professional lifestyle your dad, your boss, or you yourself lead. It's nothing but the best stuff all packed into one beautiful phone — quite possibly the phone of your dreams that has come to life! Powered with amazing breakthrough tech, the Mate 20 Pro combines stunning photography features with its ultra-wide angle Leica Triple Camera, tough and powerful structure resistant to both water and dust, and an impressive fast charging feature — allowing you to load your battery up to 70% in just thirty minutes! Nothing but high performance to suit the high-performance lifestyle that never quits. this is the phone that definitely keeps up with the boss lifestyle that puts business, leisure, and aesthetics a top priority.

#MakeSnowPossible: Get a Wireless Charger (worth P3,990) for FREE with every purchase of Mate 20 Pro!


Now that we've given you this handy list and you've checked it twice, it's time to shop for the perfect Huawei smartphone for Christmas. You're in for an extra treat because this season Huawei is going to Make it Snow with exciting freebies bundled with every phone mentioned on our list! It truly is the season of giving, so shop now to enjoy the freebies bundled with Huawei Mate20 Pro, P20 Pro, M5 Lite, Nova 3i, and Y9 models!

You can also celebrate the season with Huawei this December at the Huawei Christmas Roadshow happening from December 24 to 28, 2018 at Glorietta, or catch it at a mall near you. For more on Huawei's exciting Christmas 2018 promos, visit this link or a Huawei store nearest you!


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