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You Can Listen to Live Radio Stations Around The World With This App!

Curious to what other countries are listening to? Radio Garden is an app and website that lets you spin the globe to connect with live radio stations from around the world!

Curious to what other countries are listening to, or are just aching to discover new music to add to your playlist? This online discovery is for all the music lovers wanting to expand their enjoyment of music beyond local and mainstream content.

Radio Garden is an app and website from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, that easily connects users to live radio stations from all around the world by letting you spin a globe and pin into live radio stations to listen to. While it can locate the nearest radio stations of your current location, the beauty of this platform is you can scan the entire globe just like Google Earth, zoom in and out of regions and locations, and catch a whatever radio station is playing in real-time by centering your cursor (or the white circle) on a bright green dot. The green dots around the globe represent all the live radio stations you can access.

If you're using the Radio Garden app, you can still listen to the music even while your phone is locked as the radio will keep playing (similar to how Spotify will keep playing songs while your device is on Lock screen mode). 

It's easy to get lost in all the fun of discovering music from all parts of the world the first couple of minutes in, just spinning the globe and randomly choosing a radio station to tune into! If you want to be more thorough, you can use the Search function to type in a city, country, or even specific radio station to see if they are currently live. You can bookmark all your favorite radio station discoveries with the Favorite tag, so you can go back to them easily whenever you wish. And if you are operating a radio station yourself and want to include your radio station on Radio Garden, you can submit a form online so they can add it!

Here are six stations I discovered and enjoyed to start off your ear candy experience around the world:

  1. Big B Radio – Kpop (Seoul, Korea): the latest and most popular Kpop songs straight from South Korea)
  2. Jazz Sakura (Tokyo, Japan): featuring Japanese jazz performers (makes for great ambient music while working from home)
  3. Nostalgie (Paris, France): throwback French music from the 80s and 90s 
  4. CiRMi (Civil Rádió Miskolc from Hungary): dark wave, punk, and gothic music
  5. Latino FM (Malaga, Spain): featuring top Pop Latino hits
  6. KEXP FM (Seattle, United States) – touted as one of the most influential radio stations driven by its global audience, the station boasts of content perfect for music lovers and artists alike 

​Want to start tuning in? Visit on your desktop browser, or download the Radio Garden app on the App Store or Google Play.

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