Samsung Announces Foldable Phone Called ‘Galaxy Fold’

The Galaxy Fold has two different screens – works as a phone and a tablet!
Image screengrabbed from YouTube

Ten years after the first Galaxy, Samsung launches Galaxy Fold – the world’s first ever foldable screen smartphone. After the mobile giant teased about their foldable phone in November, it's finally here.

A smartphone and a tablet in one, Galaxy Fold is equipped with a 4.6-inch (840×1960 resolution) display with a 7.3-inch (1536×2152 resolution) display when unfolded. 

The Galaxy Fold has two different screens. When closed, it fits right in the palm of your hand and when opened, it works as a tablet. The new device also has app continuity that when you tap on an app using the phone and unfold the tab, it seamlessly open the current app you're on.

It is also equipped with a three-app multi-tasking feature which means you can use three apps at the same time – watch something on YouTube, chat with someone on Whatsapp or search for something on Google. 

The camera is just as flexible as the unit. The Galaxy Fold has six cameras – 3 rear, 2 inside and 1 front.

It is available in four colors – Cosmos Black, Space Siler, Marching Green and Astro Blue – and depending on the color you choose, you can personalize the hinge color as well.

The Galaxy Fold is available starting on April 26, 2019 from $1,980.


Homestream Image screengrabbed from Samsung's YouTube video

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