Join These 7 Facebook Groups For Your Dose of Food & Entertainment

Join in on these non-toxic Facebook groups for your dose of wholesome content!

Social media is a fertile ground packed with a mishmash of content and information. Posts can make us sad, angry, happy, and laughing all within a minute or two. And while social media can be entertaining and informative, it can also be used to spread just the opposite.

Of course, we can make our newsfeeds a little bit brighter and more positive by choosing the Facebook pages we like and follow, the friends we accept, the posts we engage to, and the groups that we join in. But in case you're not too familiar with the wholesome Facebook groups out there, then this list will help you get started.

Here are seven Facebook group communities you can join to lessen the isolation in your self-isolation during this quarantine!

Masarap Ba? Community

Photo: Masarap Ba? Community Facebook group.

The Masarap Ba? Community is a food-review group of sorts where everyone can give their straightforward and honest opinions on any food out there you're able to get your hands onto. Any food will do, from the bestsellers of upscale restos to new fastfood offerings, or even a new flavor of an ice cream brand you can buy at a convenience store. And since cooked food from outside are not as easy to come by these days, the group members also share some of their home recipes you can definitely try out. The Masarap Ba? Community has over 81,000 members and it also has an official page called MasarapBa? on Facebook and Instagram.

Let's Eat Pare

Photo: Let's Eat Pare Facebook group.

Let's Eat Pare is based on the catchphrase "kain tayo," or that warm Filipino custom of inviting people to join us whenever they stumble upon us while eating. In this group, you can freely share photos of what you're eating, be it homemade, prepared on a restaurant, or sold on the streets as long as it is an appetizing eat. Just don't forget to give everyone a nod with the words "Let's eat, pare!" You can also follow the official page of Let's Eat Pare on Instagram.

Ako Lang Ba???

Photo: Let's Eat Pare Facebook group.
Another group for food-lovers, this time, to give everyone the assurance that they're not alone with their seemingly weird food cravings! Besides that, if you also plan on experimenting with your next meal, and will dare to try something farfetched but is somehow enjoyable for someone out there, then this group is really worth joining. Who knows? You just might discover your next favorite food mashup in this group!

Nostalgia Philippines

Photo: Nostalgia Philippines Facebook group.

As the name suggests, Nostalgia Philippines lets its member share anything and everything that'll take you back to the good ol' days. Photos of celebrities, places, products, and toys back then will surely tap into fond memories from your childhood. Feel free to share any memorabilia you have at home as well to pass on the same effect to someone.

Best of The Best Manila

Photo: Best of The Best Facebook group.

Best of The Best Manila is a group for recommending just the best about anything. With over 21,000 members, this Facebook community is your best bet to learning everybody else's best experiences, and of course, you can also share yours. This group collates a lot of stories from members that you'll enjoy scrolling through.

Subtle Clown Traits

Photo: Subtle Clown Traits Facebook group.

This is a place for sharing one's clownery, which the group admins defines as "acting like a damn fool. Often for laughs, sometimes unwittingly at your own expense." Whether it is a funny or sad story, or maybe a mix of both, as long as it is subtle and does not harm any party, you can freely share it in this group. As expected, most posts here are about relatable romantic antics.

View from my window

Photo: View from my window Facebook group.

With the world practicing social distancing to help flatten the curve, this Facebook community connects people from different parts of the planet by having members share the view from their window, reminding us that we're not alone in this isolation. In their About info, the group also shares that they will choose some of the most inspiring photos and with the owner's permission, they will collate it into a book and calendar where part of profits will be donated to humanitary associations.

If you ever find these groups helpful to your self-isolation during these trying times, be sure to invite your friends as well. Let us keep each other company while making sure everyone is safe within their homes!

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