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15 Apps & Websites Where You Can Read E-books for Free

From the great classics of world literature to indie creations of today, here are some websites and apps you should check out!

With the ongoing pandemic, some of us who are staying safely at home are looking for a few boredom busters to keep us distracted and entertained. With the time we can spare, why don’t we do something that has been tried and tested through time? Reading!

Thankfully, reading books does not require us a trip to the bookstore anymore, because our phones & tablets can now hold a huge library of our favorites! And while we cannot give it that nice sniff like we do physical books, e-books can still take us to places & adventures like any other physical book does. So turn off those pesky notifications– if they’re nothing important– and check out these apps & websites where you can read books for free!

1. Project Gutenberg

The website that was founded by the e-book inventor himself, Michael Hart, offers over 60,000 free eBooks from the public domain, mostly are the greatest works known in literature. Even our classics Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo by National Hero Jose Rizal are here.

2. Open Library


Open library is an editable library catalog. Aside from the classics with expired copyrights, they also offer readers the ability to borrow books that aren’t in the public domain. You just have to spare a minute or two to create an account, and you can borrow up to five books with 2-week expiration each.

3. DailyLit

Let’s admit it, whenever we get a glimpse of how many pages the e-book is, it can get overwhelming. Well, DailyLit can help. They send you the literary classics and other great new fiction in short installments that you can pick up and put down anytime of the day. Got hooked on your reading? Just click “Next Installment” and keep going!

Image: DailyLit website

4. Loyal Books
Android app | iOS app

aFrom Books Should Be Free, this site has been renamed to Loyal Books. Besides a wide collection of free e-books, Loyal Books is also offering free audiobooks that you can listen to anytime through your phone.

5. Wattpad
Android app | iOS app

If you love indie-books, Wattpad is a huge treasure trove. Everyone can submit their works here but it’s quick to sort out the public’s favorites. Many submissions in this platform have already been adapted into movies or published into physical books, so you’ll never know if what you’re reading is the next bestseller or big screen hit!

6. ManyBooks

ManyBooks is yet another website with a well-curated lineup of public domain e-books. There are over 50,000 e-books currently on the site and compared to the websites of Loyal Books, Open Library, and Project Gutenberg, the ManyBooks website has the most user-friendly interface.

Image: ManyBooks website

7. Feedbooks

This website from French founders also provides thousands of free downloadable e-books from fiction to non-fiction specifically designed for mobile reading. Their ebooks in the epub format also have book covers so the mobile library would look more decent in your e-book reading app.

8. LibriVox

LibriVox takes the text from the free e-books in the public domain and turns them into a collection of free audiobooks. If you prefer listening to books while other doing things, LibriVox is a great resource. You may also volunteer to read e-books for other people to listen to.

9. Open Culture

Open Culture’s mission is to collect and curate free high-quality cultural & educational media from all over the web and make it easily accessible for the learning community worldwide. They have 800 e-books, 1,000 audiobooks, 1,150 movies, and 1,500 online courses from top universities all available online for free.

10. Filipinas Heritage Library

The Filipinas Heritage Library (FHL) is the other half of Ayala Foundation’s Arts and Culture Division, which aims to be a one-stop online research center for the Philippines, its people, and everyone looking into the subject. Here, you can read important historical books and documents that are not easily accessible even from your nearest bookstore.

Image: Filipinas Heritage Library website

11. Scribd
Android app | iOS app
30 days free amid COVID-19

Scribd is a paid subscription website that offers a wide collection of books outside the public domain. But as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Scribd is making their library– which includes millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazine articles, and more — available for free for 30 days, no credit card information required upon signing up. So make the most out of Scribd in this limited-time offer.

12. SimplyE
Android app | iOS app

The SimplyE app by the New York Public Library can really be maximized by those residing in that city. But even without a library card to get full access, those using the app from different parts of the world can still read a decent amount of books in the app for free.

13. Kobo Books
Android app | iOS app

Kobo books is another app offering millions of titles that you can read as e-books or listen to as audiobooks. Besides the public domain ones, there are also samples of well-known books so you can get a glimpse before deciding to buy a complete copy online.

Image: Google Play Store

14. Oodles (50000 Free eBooks & Free AudioBooks​)
Android app | iOS app

Oodles is a user-friendly app for e-book reading and for listening to audiobooks. Aside from its collection of free e-books, you can also import any ebook in epub, mobi or txt format from your phone to the app. You can also customize the font, background, and other reading features based on your fancy.

15. My Books – Unlimited Library
Android app | iOS app

Free good reads and audiobooks await you at My Books, or Free Books on the Google Play Store. Enjoy over 50,000 of free e-books and over 5,000 audiobooks in this app with a clean design.

How about you, what’s your current boredom buster?

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