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Asus’ Zenbo is the cutest robot assistant you’ll ever see, costs $599 only

Think Wall-E and BB-8 only cuter. That's Asus' Zenbo which was unveiled during this year's Computex in Taiwan. 
ASUS Zenbo

Think Wall-E and BB-8 only cuter. That's Asus' home robot called Zenbo which was unveiled during this year's Computex in Taiwan. Zenbo is designed to be used in homes to control your connected devices and give assistance when needed.

The $599 robot rolls around on two wheels with cameras on its oblong head with a touchscreen showing a face with emotions. As shown at the press conference, Zenbo is capable of independent movement and can respond to voice commands. It also answers to entertainment requests for keeping kids occupied and a home care system to look after elderly people.


Zenbo can be part of your family for only $599! #Computex2016 #ASUS #Zenvolution

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"For decades, humans have dreamed of owning such a companion – one that is smart, dear to our hearts and always at our disposal," said Jonney Shi, Asus chairman. "Our ambition is to enable robotic computing for every household," he added.

In addition, one of Zenbo's notable feature would be reminding the elderly people of their medication schedules and even their doctor's appointments. It can also monitor when something doesn't go right and immediately report it to a family member, as shown on the video presented at the press conference.

Watch how Zenbo works in the video below:


As exhibited on stage, Zenbo can sing, dance and tell stories. The robot stands about knee height to an average adult and surprisingly comes with a natural sounding voice. Learn more about this cute robot here.


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