Discover a New Sound Experience with the Samsung Sound Tower

Check out this new sleek gadget for all the audiophiles out there!

Various studies have shown how music can affect one’s mood but the sound experience goes beyond what people hear. Enter the Samsung Sound Tower. Available in three models in varying audio output: MX-T70 with 1500-watts, MX-T50 with 500-watts, and MX-T40 with 300-watts, the Sound Tower is a powerful sound system that will get any party started with all its impressive features.

The Sound Tower stands in a sleek triangular design with double-sided speakers for bi-directional sound that disperses audio filling any room with music. With the MX-T70 model, enjoy even deeper and more powerful bass with the built-in 10-inch woofer. This remarkable feature transforms beats into an unforgettable sensory trip. The speaker’s long-excursion bass unit delivers a wide range of vibration frequency so you won’t just hear sound – you’ll feel it.

All Sound Tower models are Bluetooth compatible and come with a USB port, so connecting to a playlist is a breeze. For larger events, maximize on the Group Play feature, which can link up to 10 Sound Tower devices wirelessly, and become the life of the party with the perfect dance mix.

Amp up the fun with the Sound Tower’s variety of party and audio functions, such as Dynamic Bass and DJ Effect. Sing your heart out with Karaoke Mode with an option to plug in up to two microphones for a duet. To top it off, match the Sound Tower’s customizable LED Party Lights to the rhythm and turn any room into a club.  

The feature-packed Sound Tower gives new meaning to partying at home. Rise to a new sound experience with the powerful, audio-visual treat of the Samsung Sound Tower.


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