Gocery and sEATs: Two New Apps to Make City Life Easier

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Have you heard of the two new apps in the market that promises to ease out the pain of our busy and cluttered schedules? I’m always on the lookout for mobile apps that can save me from the hassles of long lines, endless phone calls, endless searches in the web and a lot of mundane tasks that take out a chunk out of my time. So, I was pleased to find out about sEATs and Gocery, two useful apps that came out recently and powered by Globe.

I searched for the two apps in the App Store, downloaded them and gave it a spin. Upon checking, these can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store and can also be accessed through the web. It doesn’t matter what gadgets you have, everyone can get the apps for themselves.

Here’s a closer look at these two mobile applications: sEATs and Gocery.


One of the many downsides of dining out is literally trying to get a reservation to a restaurant and finding out you don’t have its number. I can relate, because that has always been my problem and I’m too lazy to look up the number online. With the free sEATs app, that problem just might be a thing of the past.

What is sEATs?
Upon checking, the sEATs app is a sleek and easy to use online helper that allows its users to reserve and manage restaurant reservations in real time – anytime, anywhere.

A list of its many features includes:

  • no hassle reservations to our favorite restaurants
  • new dining spots that we can explore
  • exciting promotions exclusive to app users

Ease of Use
Once I’ve downloaded the app, I registered using my email and waited for the 4-digit pin to be sent via SMS for confirmation of registration. After that, my account was created. It was fast and easy.

I was taken to another page where I proceeded to input the name of the restaurant, the date and time and the number of persons who will be dining. There were a lot of new restaurants listed, so choosing one took time.

Tap on the Restaurant tab and it asks you to input the restaurant of your choosing. On the other hand, when you tap on Cuisine & Location, it lists down the different kinds of cuisine from African to Yugoslavian! Wow! Tapping on the location will also provide you with a list of preferred dining location.

Unlike other apps, the restaurants are listed alphabetically and categorized according to the type of cuisine, its location and price points. The logo and the name of the establishments were clearly indicated so there’s no confusion. Simply scroll down to see more options.

I booked a reservation for two and I was surprised on how easy it was to place one using this app. I decided on a date, and a time, placed 2 adults to be reserved and hit the search button.

The search results yielded 49 restaurants and it also gave the time availability of slots that I can choose from.

Since hubby and I love Chinese cuisine, I settled on a favorite and was given a confirmation that a table is available for my preferred time. Hitting the next button, I was given a summary of my details to check for corrections. Once finished, a PIN was sent to my number for verification and it’s done!

What I appreciate about this app is that it even queries you if you have children accompanying you; a great feature since it will be easier for the restaurants to find you a place where you and your family will be most comfortable. If you want a quiet dinner with someone special, or if you’re with the whole bunch, you’ll be assured of being seated right, everytime.


When you’re a busy individual juggling a career and family, having an app that takes care of mundane chores is a bonus. The Gocery app is a very timely mobile application that’s a great tool for busy mothers like me. I downloaded the app and looked through its many distinct features such as:

  • convenient ordering whether you are inside the home or office, or on the go
  • quick ordering options
  • numerous product selection from the basic to your other needs

Using the App

The Gocery app is simple to operate and registering is a breeze. First time users can sign in with their Facebook account or email, so I opted to sign in with my email again. I appreciated the sensitivity on the part of the developers because they opted to put a Register Later button for people who just want to browse through before registering. Plus points for this app!

I found out that the online delivery of groceries is only available within the confines of Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. But judging from the many advantages that this app will bring to a lot of busy people, I know that this is just a temporary thing. I’m almost jealous of all the residents of BGC, think of how easier it will be for them to purchase their groceries without having to push a grocey cart around or falling in line!

A closer inspection of the app reveals that yes, grocery delivery is within the day, but when orders are placed on or before the 2:00 PM cut-off time, expect the groceries to be delivered the following day. Gocery is in partnership with most of the Salcedo and Legaspi Food Market Vendors, as well as the numerous stores within the BGC area. So, there’s a diverse selection of goodies to choose from.

Since I’m not within the BGC area, I tested the app, nevertheless, to see how smoothly it runs. A quick tap here and there has shown me that shopping by category is straightforward, from Baby needs, Health and Beauty to home essentials; everything is laid out simply.

Once you’ve made your choice, the product is immediately added to your cart. A detailed list of the items as well as the total amount of your bill is clearly indicated on the screen. After checking to see if it is correct, tap on the check out button and you’re done.


What I Like About These Two Apps

These two mobile apps are so easy to use; there is ease of navigation and all the information is right at your fingertips. The user interface is simple and unobtrusive; not confusing at all, and that’s a big factor for people operating a device with a tiny touchscreen. Even in its infancy, these mobile apps hold much promise; its potential for growth is mind-numbing.

The new apps were launched at a recent Globe event which also showcased its partnerships with Google to bring Chromecast in the Philippines very soon and e-commerce platform Shopify to bring SMEs and their businesses to the digital arena with an easy-to-design retail store. These, along with the apps and a host of many other innovations, promise to introduce the new connected life for Filipinos, enabling all of us to experience the future of connectivity today.

The sEATs and Gocery apps help us to manage our time more efficiently, giving us more opportunities to spend quality time with people we love. In a busy and complicated world, these apps make life easier and simpler.

For most of us living hurried lives, this is good news.


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