Bring Home These Luxurious Beds with 25% Off at Sealy

Celebrate Sealy's 5th anniversary with a new bed!

One of the things that we’ve been missing since the lockdowns started is the experience of checking into a luxury hotel room. Nothing quite beats the feeling of sinking into crisp white sheets, soft pillows, and mattresses so comfortable you’d never want to leave bed again.

Even though our next getaway probably won’t happen for a while, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have that deep sleep comfort that comes with staying in an executive hotel suite.

This month, as we celebrate Sealy’s 5th anniversary here in the Philippines, your next hotel room experience is on us!
Avail of Sealy’s  5th Anniversary Promo and get up to 25% OFF on select bed sets from June 11 to 20. Drop by the Sealy showroom nearest you or visit to learn more.

Sealy’s  Posturepedic® 5th Anniversary 5-Star Hotel Series Mattress.

The exclusive 5th Anniversary 5-star hotel mattress is the third model to be released by the brand as part of its 5-Star Hotel Series. Compared to other models from this collection, the exclusive anniversary edition will come with a medium firm feel — hitting that sweet spot between the firmer Cushion Firm option and the softer Luxury Plush option used in many international hotels.

This special anniversary offer will be available in the following sizes: Queen (152×198 cm) and King US (193×203 cm).


The Posturepedic® Promise

Sealy mattresses have gone through extensive research and development over the last 140 years to guarantee the perfect 8 hours of sleep.

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All of Sealy’s mattresses, including the new 5th Anniversary Hotel series mattress, is made with the PostureTech™ Coil System, a patented spring technology which was developed alongside orthopedic surgeons to provide targeted support wherever you need it most.

Sealy beds actively work to target crucial parts of your body to ensure quality conformance and provide reinforced support, so the body stays at perfect leveling while you sleep.

Sealy offers over 12 variants of orthopedic mattresses and bed sets, including the Philippines’ first and only spring adjustable bed system.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and endless tossing and turning, and say hello to hotel-like comfort that supports you. Choose the right bed that’s perfect for your needs.

Switch to Sealy today!

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